During pregnancy, women often have trouble keeping their balance. Slipping, tripping and generally having trouble walking from one place to the next can be an inconvenient side effect of pregnancy, but one that nearly every pregnant woman must deal with. 

Causes of Clumsiness
Women who are pregnant undergo many physical changes while their baby is safely growing in the uterus. One of those changes involves the release of hormones into the body that allow the skin, tummy and uterus to grow larger than (what seems) humanly possible. Joints are loosened to prepare for child birth, and the center of gravity suddenly changes as the tummy continues to protrude further from the mid-section. Each of these changes can cause clumsiness to occur. Rest assured though, after the baby enters the world, your natural grace will return.

Important Facts About Clumsiness
While most clumsiness is annoying at best, women who find themselves severely off balance may be more prone to slips and falls that can injure her and/or baby. A fall that may seem minor can jar the body enough to cause serious changes in the uterus or severe injury. Any falls should be immediately reported to the attending physician.

Treatments for Clumsiness
There is no cure for pregnancy clumsiness, but aids are available to make mom a little more stable when she is on the move. Using a cane to help balance while walking is a simple change that can increase safety and protect both you and her baby. Motorized carts are also a good choice when walking long distances.