Early Pregnancy Symptoms as Described by BabyMed Members in 2007:

  • It feels like a tiny person used my nipples as punching bags' it IS a tiny person! LOL.
  • My eye lids, neck and forehead feel HOT. But my fingers and toes are cold and I caught myself with goose bumps today at owrk several times.
  • No morning sickness so far thank god! I have been gagging when I brush my teeth (for the past 3 days); AF Like cramps (2 days now); Cramps and aching feeling behind my belly button; Small cramps on right side of my belly button; Burning feeling from my belly button down to my uterus. That would last about a few seconds. ; Very gassy; Gassy feeling in my uterus; Very bloated
  • So far i have been really tired,a little crampy,that's it though.oh and more cm.
  • I am 5 weeks today, although I haven't been to the doctor yet. I have had 4 positive preg tests....I have an appt. for March 1. I am so nervous.... the suspense will kill me until March 1. I am having cramps-they are like AF cramps (but worse). Sometimes they are worse when I go pee. Is this normal? I also have a weird feeling on the left side of my pelvis.
  • My symptoms so far are low back pain and i feel a little sick from time to time.
  • Tiredness, sore nipples, weird food cravings, that's all for now. Tack on massive heartburn.
  • When I was pregnant I had extreme fatigue, sore muscles, sore boobs, and I sweat like a gorilla!