Not every pregnant woman feels like spending nine months in bed. Some women see an increase in energy during pregnancy that is often called the “nesting instinct”. Nesting often occurs closer to the end of pregnancy, but is not uncommon for the duration of gestation.

Causes of Increased Energy
Mothers need additional energy to care for their baby and themselves. As is the case with many changes in pregnancy, increased energy is the female body’s way of preparing for the difficult task ahead of giving birth. During the last weeks of pregnancy, many women see a significant increase in energy that is often associated with a frenzy of cleaning. This boost is due to two things: emotional readiness for the baby and fear of never having a clean house again.

Important Facts About Increased Energy
Not all women will see a huge change in energy levels and this is okay. Some women feel the need to clean while others are content resting and preparing mentally for the baby. Sensibility is important if increased energy leaves the woman running through the house like the Tasmanian devil. Safety is most important, as mom should never overdue herself, especially when baby is nearly ready to arrive.

Treatments for Increased Energy
There is nothing you can do about this increase in energy aside from being smart; you should take multiple breaks throughout the day and rest when the urge to sleep hits no matter what time of day it is. Learning to control your energy and still maintain a healthy sleeping schedule can be difficult but important.