Tummy, breasts and feet all grow during pregnancy. While the first two are expected, women are often surprised when their favorite shoes no longer fits.

Causes of Bigger Feet
During pregnancy it is very common for feet to swell, and as a result they get bigger. When fluid collects in the body, gravity pulls it toward the earth and the last bit of space it can collect is in the feet. Nevertheless, fluid retention is not the only reason why you may need a bigger size shoe during pregnancy.

Gaining weight during pregnancy means gaining weight all over, including the feet. In addition, the same hormones that cause ligaments and joints to loosen in preparation for birth, will relax ligaments in the feet. Bones spread when ligaments relax and the foot grows wider.

Important Facts About Bigger Feet
Foot growth during pregnancy is not always reversed after giving birth. In many cases, women experience a growth of up to one shoe size during pregnancy and despite shedding excess fluid and losing baby weight, the bigger shoe size sticks around.

Treatment for Bigger Feet
Swelling can be treated with increased rest and propping the feet up above the heart. Buying new shoes that fit your bigger feet is the best solution. Low heeled, comfortable shoes are perfect for pregnant moms. During the latter days of pregnancy, feet may swell even  more and require an even larger set of kicks, so buy two pairs to be safe.