Pregnancy induced forgetfulness is a common part of having a baby. There are times when a pregnant woman may forget simple things like her grocery list or where she placed her purse. It is not uncommon, however, for women to forget things that seem imprinted on the brain like their own cell phone number or home address.

Causes of Forgetfulness
As is the case with many common pregnancy symptoms, changes in hormones are to blame for the brain fog. As the latter stages of pregnancy approach, the brain actually reduces in size, which can also attribute to memory loss. After your baby is born, hormones will reach normal levels again and the brain will return to normal size and function.

Important Facts About Forgetfulness
Stress can be hard on both you and your baby, so being stressed out over forgetfulness in pregnancy is not healthy for anyone. Forgetting things is more annoying than anything else and you need to realize the condition is very temporary.

Treatment for Forgetfulness
A journal or notepad is a pregnant woman’s best friend. Writing down grocery lists, important dates and appointments is the best way to ensure nothing is forgotten. Some women turn to their personal cell phones or PDAs in order to keep track of important things in life while the brain is clearly focusing on something else. While some herbal supplements are marketed to increase memory and brain acuity, these are not safe for use while pregnant. Forgetfulness in pregnancy will fade away soon after birth, so patience is the best treatment.