Frequent Urination

Taking multiple trips to the bathroom every hour seems like a daunting task that every pregnant woman must deal with, but why does it happen?

What causes frequent urination?

Pregnancy hormones are to blame for frequent urination during pregnancy as hCG levels increase blood flow to the pelvic region of the body. Increased fluid retention is another cause of frequent urination. As the pregnancy moves into the third trimester the baby’s weight presses on the bladder, which leaves you feeling as though she needs to urinate more often.

Important facts about frequent urination

Frequent urination means the body is flushing fluids out of the body more quickly. This can cause dehydration quickly if you are not drinking enough fluid. Dehydration in the latter stages of pregnancy can lead to premature labor and contractions. It is, there, important to drink plenty of extra fluids, caffeine-free if possible, throughout the pregnancy.

Can you treat frequent urination?

There is no treatment for frequent urination during pregnancy aside from giving birth. Even after the baby is born, the body must flush out all that extra fluid which means frequent trips to the bathroom for weeks or even months after giving birth.

Taking your time on the toilet is important during pregnancy and after giving birth. Sometimes the bladder will stop for a brief moment before continuing to expel urine. Waiting for a second pee or leaning forward while peeing are both effective ways to assure the bladder is completely empty when urinating. Caffeine is a diuretic so stay away from caffeine while pregnant as diuretics push water out of the body more quickly.