I am having no pregnancy symptoms and no pregnancy signs. Could I still be pregnant?

A: Even without any pregnancy symptoms and no pregnancy signs, there is still a chance you you are pregnant.

  1. If you previously had a positive pregnancy test but you do not have the typical pregnancy signs or symptoms there is a very good chance you are pregnant. A sonogram or a blood pregnancy test may confirm the opregnancy 
  2. If you think you could be pregnant but you have no typical pregnancy symptoms or signs, there is still the possibility that you are pregnant. Do a pregnancy test to find out for sure. 

The absence of typical pregnancy signs and symptoms is not a reliable indication that you are not pregnant or that there is a miscarriage. And the temperature would not tell you anything about miscarriage, either. A 'missed abortion' is a miscarriage without any bleeding or cramps. You would not know about it unless you have an ultrasound showing no fetus or no fetal heartbeat. Early in pregnancy, a missed abortion would be diagnosed by an hCG level that would fall or not rise appropriately. Most miscarriages where women bleed and pass the fetus and placenta usually start as a 'missed abortion' -- the fetus is dead for some time until you start to bleed. You don't have to have symptoms to carry a healthy baby. Most women actually do not have typical pregnancy symptoms and most will go on and deliver a healthy baby. Specifically, after 9-10 weeks when there is a normal decrease in the pregnancy hormone hCG.