Tired of people telling you your baby is coming because your belly button has popped out? Protruding belly buttons are not linked to labor, but they are linked to the growing baby. As space grows tight your baby will push organs, fluid, and the belly button out of its way in order to stretch, grow and thrive.

Causes of Protruding Navel

A protruding navel simply indicates that your baby is growing (as it should be)! As the uterus grows with a nearly term baby inside, organs are pushed out of the way and closer to the abdominal wall. As pressure is placed on the interior portion of the belly button, you navel will protrude.

Important Facts About Protruding Navel

Linking a protruding navel with birth is an old wives tale. While most women do not see their navel protrude until the end of the second trimester, some report a protruding navel far earlier. The protruding navel is dependent upon the size of the baby, or babies, in the womb and the placement of the uterus in the body.

Treatment for Protruding Navel
There are no treatments for a protruding navel in pregnancy. While some people may feel uncomfortable with their belly button sticking out, chances are the nipples are protruding as well thanks to increased hormones in the body. Other pregnant women will likely love the fact that your “timer” is poking out.