Excess saliva is one of the many of  symptoms of pregnancy. Excess saliva can be nauseating and even increase morning sickness. There are plenty of weird changes the female body goes through during pregnancy and excessive saliva is one of them. If excessive saliva is a problem during the first few weeks, or even months of pregnancy, morning sickness may be more pronounced.

Causes of Excess Saliva
While no specific cause of excess saliva during pregnancy has been found, researchers believe that it is linked to pregnancy hormones.

Important Facts About Excess Saliva
Excess saliva can be nauseating and even increase morning sickness. Pooling saliva does nothing to prevent queasiness or an increased appetite. Excess saliva only lasts for the first trimester in most cases, so by the time you are moving into your 4th or 5th month, the excess saliva should be gone.

Treatment for Excess Saliva
There is no way to stop the mouth from producing too much saliva, but there are plenty of products on the market to dry out the excess saliva, if only temporarily. Flavored mouthwash and toothpaste may help to keep excess saliva, and the nausea associated with it, to a minimum. They will also help to prevent tooth decay during pregnancy.

Some women find relief by sucking on vitamin C lozenges or minty candies during the first trimester. Mints can also help prevent morning sickness. Sugarless gum and drinking lots of water are also easy treatments for excess saliva.