Holiday Gift Guide for Mom and Dads to Be

Tis' the season for spending hours at the mall and keeping track of never-ending gift lists for your loved ones. There’s enough stress whirling around during the holidays, and the last thing you need to be doing is worrying over finding the perfect gift.  Don’t worry — we did it for you. Below we’ve rounded up our favorite picks for each special figure in your life!

Gifts for the Mom-to-be

Pamper Please!: Being pregnant is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Mamas-to-be are more prone to burn out and there is no better gift than a day of self-care. Watch her eyes light up with excitement when she finds out you booked her a day of pampering, whether that be a massage appointment, a spa treatment, or simply a gift card to a local spa. 

A Dream Come True: If your partner is pregnant and the two of you share a bed, you may have noticed the occasional fit of tossing and turning she experiences in the night. A growing baby bump puts pressure on the lower back and feet, not to mention makes laying down a challenge. Gifting her with a full body pillow can help contribute to her pain management and enhance her nightly comfort, resulting in more sleep for both of you. 

SupportHer! (Maternity/Nursing bra): Is your wife planning on breastfeeding once the baby comes? Even if not, a maternity/nursing bra makes for a great pregnancy gift. This period of time can bring about plenty of soreness and tenderness, making normal bras terribly uncomfortable. Not only can this pick deliver ultimate comfort and support, but it also provides ease during the nursing process as well. The gift that keeps giving.

What’s Cookin’? (Cookbook): Come postpartum, your wife will be working on transitioning back to normal, daily life. A huge component of this shift focuses on the return to eating for one and losing the extra weight gained during the pregnancy. There’s no better time than to start working on healthy eating and living habits than the new year! Healthy eating in 2020 doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of good cookbooks on the market that can help spark creativity for postpartum eating.

Butter Her Up! (Belly butter): Hear us out on this one- belly butter. Yup! Nobody else will appreciate this one like a pregnant woman will. Mama’s baby bump is currently stretching her skin beyond what it’s used to, so stretch marks are totally normal! If she’s looking to reduce their visibility postpartum, belly butter has been praised for its ability for doing just that. And if not, it’s a strong pick anyway. Who doesn’t love soft and smooth skin? 

Gifts for the Dad-to-be

Baby on Board!: Baby’s favorite spot is bound to be pressed against dad’s chest, and a baby carrier is ideal for that! Ideal for days on the go or for whenever mom needs a few minutes to herself (which may be more often than you think), dad will get plenty of use out of this choice. 

Serve in Seconds: Healthy eating is important for everyone, men and women alike. Snag your dad-to-be an instant pot to help him stay on top of his eating game without sacrificing hours in a day. Keeping good eating habits helps promote fertility.

On The Go: For dads looking to offer a helping hand...or back in this case. When you’re out and about with baby you’re going to be glad you grabbed dad a diaper backpack, which stores all of baby’s needs (yes, *all*) while keeping his hands free. The best part is, it looks just like the average backpack, so it can be used again and again even when the diaper days are over (we promise, they end eventually).

Well-Rested: Once the baby is born, sleep will likely become a rarity around your house, at least for a little while. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for both mom and dad. Gift your partner with a sleep or eye mask to help make sure he gets as many z’s as possible.

He’s Gotta Hydrate: When dad is busy helping mom with the new baby, constantly dashing around and getting things done, making sure he’s drinking enough water can quickly fall to the bottom of his to-do list. Staying hydrated is key for overall health but also for helping increase male fertility! A water bottle that communicates with you and reminds you to drink water is everything busy dad needs.

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