Halloween Costumes When You're About To Be a "Mummy"

By Rosie Pope

Finding the perfect Halloween costume takes on a whole new twist when you’re pregnant ... and there is a slew of ways to go completely wrong.

Inappropriate costumes

I’m not a huge fan of revealing costumes in general, so I would advise you to walk away from the skimpy Catholic school girl look, complete with bared midriff!

Gruesome costumes

Chances are, if it involves covering your belly with fake blood and/or gore, it might be a bit too far. You don’t want to frighten children, after all!

Fear not! There are oodles of options for the best maternity Halloween costumes that are flattering, creative, and funny.

Focus on the bump

How many times have you heard “It looks like you have a little basketball under your shirt!” Or, less politely, “Looks like you swallowed a watermelon over there!”? So many women hear this throughout their pregnancies, so why not own it for Halloween? If you feel comfortable with bearing your belly, grab some paintbrushes, skin-safe paint, and either an artsy friend or a big mirror and decorate that baby bump!

Pregnancy puns

Love this bun in the oven idea (pictured below), especially when dad gets involved.

A bit cheeky

It’s one thing to dress like a nun for Halloween; it’s quite another thing to dress like a nun when you are pregnant! This also works with bridal gowns. But DON’T take the schoolgirl/Girl Scout route, as some moms I saw. Remember, you want people to chuckle not gasp.
           maternity halloween costumes

Clever tees

These are great for taking your older kids trick or treating – easy to wear, but still festive.  Here’s one of my favorites:
                                             maternity halloween t-shirt

Celeb inspiration

If you’re still stumped, here are some of my favorite celeb Halloween costumes, from Beyonce showing off her Queen Bee style to Jessica Simpson’s mummified pregnancy announcement. And you can’t forget the year Jen Garner channeled her inner witch while wearing the Rosie Pope Maternity Natalie Dress in black! (great alternative here).
                pregnant celebrities Halloween

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