Now that we're deep into what feels like a never-ending winter freeze (thank you, polar vortex!), I have so many women who come to my stores with one burning question: should I buy a winter maternity coat? Since I'm also pregnant now (and have in fact been pregnant at various stages through 4 different pregnancies now!) I can understand how much of a challenge this presents.

Many women feel like it's not "worth it" to buy a maternity jacket that will only get one season of wear. And I definitely understand this! However, there is no worse feeling than shoving your frame into a coat that will barely button, especially when we've had such a long and freezing winter. 

The best solution, in my opinion, is to buy a coat that is adjustable (and that you like enough!) to wear after your baby is born.

In my store, we rely a lot on belts to make sure that our maternity coats work for all stages of pregnancy and will still look chic long after the baby is gone. For example, my Bedford Jacket, available in stores, can be cinched tight at the waist in the early trimesters and after baby is born, but can extend to fit a 38 week bump. And, the added room in the belly is also useful when wearing baby in a carrier.

You should also make sure that whatever maternity coat you purchase is a versatile enough that it can be worn to work, out in the snow, and on a dinner date. Anything in a chic color with an elegant belt works perfectly for this.

Instead of buying a new coat, many women also borrow one from their partner. This isn't necessarily a bad idea, as borrowing from the boy's closet can be quite fashionable! Unfortunately, it often falls flat when the arms are a wee bit too long, or the shoulders sag, so it's a style that may not always work. But it will certainly keep you and your bump warm!

I have also seen several zip-in coat extenders that can temporarily expand a non-maternity coat, like this one by Make My Belly Fit.

So, with the many options, which one am I doing this season?  Now that my trusty puffer coat is a bit too tight to squeeze around this belly, I've been opting for my good old Cotton Candy Trench Coat.

She's gotten me through all my pregnancies in style, and I must confess that I plan to wear her long after my maternity wear days are over!

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