Most people spend more time texting than they do talking on the phone. With tens of millions of text messages sent every week, there are bound to be some intimate messages sent from time to time. Sexting is the new phone sex and while couples trying to conceive (TTC) can use sexting to promote intimacy and sexual interest, there are a few rules to the game.

Check Your Contact Before Hitting Send

The first, and arguably most important rule of sexting is to check the contact before sending any sexy text message, picture or video. There is nothing worse than hitting send only to realize that the contact is someone other than your partner.

Check the Background in Your Picture

Sexting a photo is a fantastic part of distance foreplay, but the background of your photo is just as important as the picture you are taking. Showing off the family jewels is sexy, but showing off the family jewels with your favorite video game playing in the background just doesn’t feel right.

Never Use a Company Phone

That spur of the moment decision to snap open your blouse to take a picture for your partner is hot, but taking that photo on a company phone is an absolute no-no. Make sure you always use a personal cell phone before taking any provocative photos or sending racy text messages.

Keep Sext Messages to Yourself

No matter how excited you are that you received a hot message from your partner, resist. Sexy text messages should be read and kept for your eyes only. These are not public messages.

Sexting is a hot new way to restart those primal urges for sex that may be go lacking in a relationship when trying to conceive. Some couples find sexting uncomfortable at first, which is the perfect reason to read and memorize these simple rules. Don't let your emotions take over the sensible part of your mind when you are overcome with the sexting jitters.

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