Having sexual intercourse after ovulation will not get you pregnant, so if you make love two to three times a week every week of your cycle, you can be pretty sure that you won't miss ovulation.

Ovulation usually occurs 32 hours or so after the initial LH surge, but if you wait to have sex after the LH surges, you may miss ovulation. If you only check the LH surge once a day and you make love only after the LH surge is first detected, it may be too late for fertilization, because the egg usually does not survive longer than 12 hours.

Sperm can survive several days in the woman's genital tract, so making love several days before ovulation is more likely to get you pregnant than making love the day after ovulation. As long as his sperm count is OK, you may want to have sex more frequently, maybe once each day during your four to five fertile days.

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