Lubricants and Getting PregnantUp to 50% of couples report problems with proper lubrication. But when you are trying to get pregnant, there is concern about the sperm count — every single sperm counts and you don't want to do anything that impairs the sperm count and/or function.

Saliva is not a sperm-friendly medium, nor is water. And anything petroleum-based, such as Vaseline, should be avoided. Except for FDA-cleared, sperm-friendly lubricants such as Pre-Seed or BabyDance, all other, all other artificial lubricants (such as KY jelly, Astroglide, Femglide) have been found in several studies to have a negative effect on spermatozoa. Here are some suggestions to do without an artificial lubricant:

  • Foreplay should be an essential part of your interaction every time you have sex. Allow for sufficient time for foreplay.
  • Start with a romantic evening.
  • Massage each other.
  • Talk sweetly to each other.
  • Touch each other's body parts except for the genitalia.

If all of this doesn't work, then you may want to try BabyDance fertility lubricant, the only sperm-friendly initimate moisturizer made without parabens.