Couples are bound to hit a wall in their relationship at some point in time, and anger will be the result. Most often, problems in relationship are linked to financial ills and misunderstandings. Over time, if the problems are not rectified, the couple can say goodbye to a love life of any kind. Relationships are based on communication, interaction and trust. Male and female sexuality are also based on these three elements. When relationship problems get in the way, the last thing on a couple’s mind will be sex.

Dealing With Communication Problems
Couples commonly misunderstand the word communication. When troubles arise one partner or the other may say, “We have great communication; we talk all the time.” Communication is not the same as talking. Just as sex is about give and take, communication is about listening, talking and confiding. Problems between two people need to be openly discussed without blame, retaliation or anger. The idea behind communication is to open the lines between two people so they may become closer and fight less often. Ideally, when a couple is fully open to communication, they will rarely go to bed angry and may even find themselves fixing potential relationship problems before they get out of control.

The Invisible Barriers of Trust and Honesty

Trust between sexual partners is important, but in terms of a relationship trust can often be defined incorrectly. Two people may trust each other with their lives and not trust the words coming out of each other’s mouths during communication. This is where honesty comes into play. Couples should be honest with their feelings at all times in a relationship. When honesty is given and received, trust can take on a whole new meaning. Trusting what a partner says and does as being honest and forthright is a huge step in the right direction to keeping relationship woes in check. When trust and honesty are part of everyday life, sexual intimacy is often greatly improved.

Financial Struggles and Human Sexuality
Stress is a huge turn off for both men and women. When a couple is dealing with financial troubles, there is rarely a time when intimacy is on the front burner. Money is essential to life, but so is intimacy in a relationship. Dealing with financial struggles upfront, together as a couple, can help to prevent stress from taking over and nixing any chance of intimacy.

When dealing with financial struggles, it is important to utilize the other main aspects of a healthy relationship like communication, trust and honesty. Together, a couple can beat all negative forces trying to push sex off to the side. When a couple is confident with their approach to relationship problems, sex is allowed back in and can again be enjoyed.

Life in a relationship is not without its ups and downs, no pun intended. Dealing with life head on and communicating about the problems as they arise is the best solution to keeping intimacy active between two people. When in doubt talk more, talk often and never sleep on a problem.