In 2006, more than 750,000 young women under the age of 20 years were affected by teenage pregnancy. When compared to the total number of pregnancies that year, teenage pregnancy occurred in 7% of the teen population. When a young woman finds they are facing teenage pregnancy there are several decisions about the future they can choose from.

– One viable choice for teenage pregnancy is adoption. There are private and public agencies that will work with teen mothers to find the right home for the new baby. Many couples face infertility problems and cannot conceive a child of their own. Adoption is one of the options these couples choose in order to become parents.

Young Parenthood
– If the teen has a strong support system, teenage pregnancy can be the start of young motherhood. Young mothers are at higher risk of leaving high school and gaining no higher education, which is why a strong support system is needed. It is also important for women facing teenage pregnancy to learn more about pregnancy prevention. About 25% of mothers under the age of 20 get pregnant again within two years of having their first child.

– Termination of the pregnancy may be the first option that comes to mind, and it's something every teenager should consider. Abortions are less risky than continuing with a full pregnancy, and they will not affect future fertility. The earlier in the pregnancy you make that decision, the safer it is.

Family Adoption
– In some cases, a family member or friend will be willing to take temporary custody until the teen mother can finish school and earn gainful employment. This situation is a viable solution for teenage pregnancy as many young mothers want to have a relationship with their child, but have no idea how they can successfully raise a child without significant help.

Getting Help for Teenage Pregnancy

Local health departments and school nurses often have resources for young women facing teenage pregnancy. A Planned Parenthood office may also help you with the decision.

Teenage pregnancy has been on the rise for several years and schools are starting to take notice of the impact they can have on a positive teenage pregnancy outcome.

Just because a teenage pregnancy happens does not mean everything is lost. There are safe, healthy and loving solutions for mothers facing the trials and tribulations of teenage pregnancy.