Q: What is a chromopertubation?

A: Chromopertubation is a procedure usually done during a laparoscopy to visualize the fallopian tubes in order to see if they are patent or open. It's done during an infertility work-up. It is a procedure where a colored dye is passed through the fallopian tubes to confirm that they are patent. The procedure is done under anesthesia and during laparoscopy.

A chromopertubation may be called for if a patient is undergoing a surgical procedure where the fallopian tubes are visible. A dye can be introduced into the uterine cavity being injected through the cervical canal during the procedure and then observed as it comes out of the ends of the tubes into the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity.

Sometimes tubal occlusion as well as adhesions can not be detected completely by looking at the fallopian tubes, so additional tests may be necessary to provide a full evaluation.