babyMed offers several free opt-in email reminders which are sent only to babyMed members. The reminders are customized and automatically triggered based on several data such as your last menstrual period or your pregnancy due date.

In order to receive accurate reminders, you must opt-in on your profile page complete the following:

  • Indicate your status in your profile data, either trying to conceive or pregnant.
  • Indicate your last menstrual period and cycle days or estimated due date. If you TTC you must update your LMP/CD each month. 
  • Opt-in to reminders you wish to receive

We offer the following reminders:

  • Pregnancy Reminders: During pregnancy, we will send you regular reminders related to each week of your pregnancy. These are sent regularly throughout the 40 pregnancy weeks, usually 2-3 per week and include updates on your pregnancy and the fetus, important milestones, important tests, the viability of the baby, labor and delivery and your due date. 
  • Fertility Reminders: Based on your last period and cycle days and ovulation day, we alert you of specific cycle and pre/post-ovulation days, when your fertile days are expected, when to expect ovulation, when to do an OPK ovulation predictor test, and ow you can improve your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Daily Ovulation Predictor Kit Reminders: Based on LMP/CD we will send you reminders when to start testing with the OPK for ovulation
  • Pregnancy Test Reminders: Based on the LMP/CD and next expected period and implantation/ovulation day we will send you reminders when you should expect to start the pregnancy test and what to expect with a negative or a positive pregnancy test.