Studies have shown that fetuses with decreased movements may indicate problems ahead of time. Because there are many different ways to count fetal movements, you should discuss with your doctor first how to count fetal movements and what to do when there are less movements. make sure you follow your doctor's instructions. Here is just one of many method of counting fetal movements, and it may be different from your doctor's instructions:

  1. Count your fetus' movements once a day.
  2. Count 10 movements.
  3. Write down the amount of time it takes for 10 movements.
  4. Always try to count the same time of the day.
  5. Don't get distracted and pay attention to the movements.

If the baby doesn't move at all or there are less than 4 movements in a hour, count another hour. If there are again less than 4 movements, call your doctor or go to the hospital.

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