teeth-whitening-pregnancy.jpgHaving dark stained teeth is common in a world of smoking, drinking red wine and drinking coffee. While these habits should be left behind during pregnancy, the effects of food and drink on teeth can last for years if not treated. Women tend to take notice of beauty features more when they are pregnant because of all the beauty treatments they can no longer use. Teeth whitening takes only 30 minutes a day and can work wonders for dark stained teeth. However, home teeth whitening kits have not be thoroughly tested for use during pregnancy so expecting women should seek out alternative treatments for the first 40 weeks of pregnancy while the baby is still growing.

Baking soda is completely safe for use while pregnant and may help to remove some of the dark stains on teeth. The effect of baking soda will not be as brightening as a tooth whitening kit, but it is safe for the baby. A visit to the dentist for a cleaning while pregnant may also help remove some of the surface stains from teeth. After the baby is born, women can go back to using a home teeth whitening system as needed.