There are women who can tell you, I am pregnant from the first weeks after conception. Symptoms like nausea, fatigue and breast tenderness appear fast for these women. Other women can go through an entire 40 weeks gestation and never feel one pregnancy symptom so they never think they might be pregnant. Due to the varying reactions, the female body has to pregnancy many women are left asking, “What are the best ways to tell I am pregnant?”

Understand your menstrual cycle

Menstruation occurs on a regular cycle for most women. Keeping track of your monthly menstrual cycle is the best way to recognize a possible pregnancy. If you notice your period is late by a couple of days, relax and don’t stress. If you constantly sit around thinking, I am pregnant your period may be even more delayed even if you are not. Wait until you are about one week late before taking a home pregnancy test. There are a small number of women who have a regular period during a portion of their pregnancy.

Understand your body

During the first few weeks of gestation, the body undergoes plenty of changes as if to scream out loud, “I am pregnant!” These changes include tender breasts, swollen breasts, headache, increased hunger, increased need to urinate and fatigue. Morning sickness could even set in before an official diagnosis is of pregnancy is made.

Should I take a pregnancy test?

If you are having symptoms of pregnancy, take a home pregnancy test to verify your feelings. Home pregnancy tests tend to be highly accurate when taken according to the package directions.

When should I see a doctor?

After taking a home pregnancy test and getting a positive result, the next step is to make an appointment with an obstetrician. There the pregnancy will be confirmed. If the home pregnancy test was negative, wait another week and test again. If you have pregnancy symptoms but the home pregnancy test continues to read negative and your menstrual cycle has not started, seek medical attention for a blood pregnancy test.

Will a physical exam be required if I am pregnant?

There will be a physical exam during the first or second visit with the obstetrician. This exam will determine if the cervix has closed a sign of pregnancy. If you tell the obstetrician, I am pregnant and the urine test comes back negative, the doctor may choose to perform a pelvic to verify the pregnancy or rule out the pregnancy.