Improve Your Fertility and Chances Getting Pregnant

    Just starting out trying to get pregnant or have you been trying to get pregnant for some time? There are several steps you can take to improve your chances getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Fertility and getting pregnant are issues that involve both men and women. One won't work without the other and in many cases where couples have difficulties getting pregnant both she and he have some problems. If you want to improve your fertility, you should first know more about how to get pregnant and what may prevent you from getting pregnant. Learning about causes of infertility will help you improve your own fertility and help you get pregnant faster.

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    Causes of Infertility

    After an initial work-up about 80% of all infertile couples have at least one of the following 3 problems:

    1. Ovulation problems: The BIG O: Do I ovulate regularly?
    2. Sperm problems: Is his sperm count OK? 
    3. Fallopian tube problems: Are my fallopian tubes open?

    In addition to these 3 issues there are others, such as cervical factors, luteal-phase deficiency, and immunologic factors which are still hotly debated. The proportion of couples for whom there is more than one cause of infertility rraches up to 30 percent and leads most physicians to investigate all the common causes of infertility.

    Five Steps to improve your chances getting pregnant:

    1. Take our interactive infertility specialist tool and find out if you may need to see an RE the infertility specialist right away.
    2. Do a semenanalysis, a sperm count now. It's a simple test that will save you a lot of time finding the problem. Healthy sperm are essential for improving your chances getting pregnant. Scientific studies have shown that FertilAid for Men  includes all essential vitamins as well as other natural sperm-boosting ingredients and can improve his sperm health. In addition to taking this vitamin packed supplement there are additional wasy to make his sperm healthier
    3. Go and see your ObGyn for a Periconception Interview now. It will help you find your own specific issues that need to be addressed. Then take your answers to your doctor for Preconception Care and some important tests 
    4. Ovulation,  healthy eggs and uterine lining are crucial to improve your pregnancy chances. You can improve your hormonal balance, decrease your chance of a miscarriage and replenish low vitamin levels by taking vitamin-packed FertilAid for Women which includes several natural fertility boosters and enough folic acid so you won't have to take any other supplement. 
    5. Start today with your BBT FertilChart. Charting your fertility will not only help you figure out what’s going on with the ovulatory part of your fertility including when and if you ovulate, the length of your menstrual cycle, the corpus luteum phase, but it will also help you figure out whether you timed intercourse correctly.

    Follow these suggestions and you will likely get pregnant faster.

    Initial Fertility Evaluation
    The basic initial workup for couples having difficulties getting pregnant consists of 4 tests and can be concluded within 3-4 weeks:

    1. History-taking and physical examination
    2. Semen analysis
    3. Test for ovulation and cycle day 3 tests (FSH, estrogen, prolactin, TSH)
    4. Assessment of tubal patency (HSG or hysterosalpingogram) or a laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis and pelvic adhesions.

    This approach uncovers a cause or causes of infertility in 70 to 85 percent of couples. If you followed our suggestions, within 90 days or less you should have answers to most of these issues.