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Key to Sperm-Related Male Infertility on the Brink of Discovery

Many factors determine male fertility, including health of sperm and semen. The exact mechanisms resulting in poor sperm quality have been elusive but a team of California physiologists may have discovered the key.

3-D Video Tracking System Identifies Healthiest Living Sperm for IVF Success

A multinational, multidisciplinary team of European researchers has
devised a three-dimensional (3-D) video tracking system that allows the
observer to watch living sperm in motion.

UK Gets DIY Sperm Count Test

Men in the United Kingdom can now turn to their local pharmacy to test
their sperm count. Boots UK, a pharmacy chain numbering almost 2,500
retail outlets, just started carrying a do-it-yourself sperm count test.

Cytokines Responsible for Infertility in Men with Metabolic Syndrome

Leucocytospermia is a condition where leucocytes affect male fertility,
but men with metabolic syndrome may suffer infertility even if they do
not suffer from leucocytospermia, according to researchers.

Is the quality of donated semen deteriorating? Findings from a 15 year longitudinal analysis of weekly sperm samples.

The rapid deterioration of sperm quality among fertile semen donors is alarming and may lead to cessation of sperm donation programs.

Varicocele repair in the era of modern assisted reproductive techniques.

Varicocele correction presents a possible method to optimize a couples' reproductive potential or decrease the need for complex assisted reproductive technology.

The Power of Male Sperm

The sperm is more than a one hit wonder, in the female body. It can stay
around quite a while, making it easier to conceive days after

What Does a Male Fertility Test Say About You?

The first test many men undergo is a semen analysis. Semen analysis requires a semen sample, which is broken down and tested. You’ll probably see words like motility, mobility, morphology and count.

What Are Those Strange Names Used in My Semen Analysis?

Spermanalysis is commonly used to examine male semen for possible abnormalities. Many years ago, women were considered to be the cause of infertility, but today, the medical community accepts the fact that both men and women can suffer from infertility.

Tips on Improving Sperm Count and His Fertility

Male infertility can be caused by a variety of problems. Find out tips on improviing sperm count and his fertility.

Male Masturbation and Its Impact on Fertility and Sperm Count

Male masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of a man's own genitals, usually to the point of orgasm. Ejaculation usually takes place during male masturbation. When a couple is trying to get pregnant, the male who masturbates, however, may need to limit his masturbation and conserve the sperm stores for the fertilization of the egg.

Male Fertility Infertility Tests - Sperm Count Sperm Semen Analysis

Finding out about his fertility is the second most important information to know when trying to get pregnant (find the most important information HERE).

Sperm Count Calculator

This sperm count calculator calcuates whether you have enough sperms or not.

Semen Analysis Sperm Analysis WHO Guidelines 2009

These are the new 2009 guidelines for spermanalysis and spermcount and semen parameters by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Antioxidants Affect Semen and Sperm Quality

Antixidants are good for sperm. The lower the antioxidant levels in the man's diet, the less potent their semen (or sperm) may be.

Abnormal Semen Analysis - Which Other Tests Can be Done?

For the man with a poor semen sample, additional tests which may be
recommended include specialized sperm tests, blood tests, and testis

Semen Analysis - Sperm Count WHO Criteria

Semen analysis, also called sperm count, is used to evaluate male fertility. In a semen analysis, the ejaculate is examined in a laboratory after masturbation and the amount and quality of sperm and seminal fluid (semen) are tested.

Semen Analysis - Sperm Count

Everything you need to know about sperm count and semen analysis.

Reduced Fertility in Overweight and Obese Men

Obese and overweight men are less fertile and programs to prevent obesity may improve men's reproductive health and save medical costs for infertility treatment

Overweight Men Are Less Fertile

Men with excess body weight are at increased risk of infertility.

Sperm Count Calculator

Our Sperm Count Calculator will calculate the amount of healthy and motile sperms based on your spermanalysis data.

Spermanalysis - Abnormal

Definition of an abnormal count from a spermanalysis.

Sperm Count - When?

When should we consider having a spermanalysis and how do we have it done?

Low Sperm Count - Causes

The main causes of male infertility are testicular damage, low sperm production, and poor sperm quality. However, there are many different disorders that can lead to sperm problems.

Sperm - Affected by Drugs?

Can my husband's medication affect his sperm count?

Ejaculate - Abnormal Appearance

My boyfriend's ejaculate looks funny

Problems Getting Pregnant - Husband OK?

My husband has an 8-year old daughter. Does that automatically mean he is OK?

Male Infertility Evaluation

The first test in the evaluation of the infertile male is the semen analysis which is also known as sperm count.

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