sperm count, also known as a semen analysis, is a test of a man's ejaculate to check for problems that may contribute to infertility.

Conception of a child is a highly complex process and many factors determine the viability of a pregnancy when conception occurs. Many couples are unable to conceive and about half the time, the barrier to conception lies within the male reproductive system. Many factors determine male fertility, including health of sperm and semen.

A multinational, multidisciplinary team of European researchers has devised a three-dimensional (3-D) video tracking system that allows the observer to watch living sperm in motion. The behaviors of sperm in motion — motility — are a marker of health and are essential factors determining in vitro fertilization (IVF) success.

Men in the United Kingdom can now turn to their local pharmacy to test their sperm count. Boots UK, a pharmacy chain numbering almost 2,500 retail outlets, just started carrying a do-it-yourself sperm count test - the Spermcheck Male Fertility Test - that retails for
£29. 99 (US $48).

Leucocytospermia is a condition where leucocytes affect male fertility, but men with metabolic syndrome may suffer infertility even if they do not suffer from leucocytospermia, according to researchers. Sperm parameters may be compromised by cytokines rather than leucocytes.

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I often wonder just how much a man really contributes to the conception process. Sperm seems to be the only thing we men have to give - but that gift is a gift that keeps on giving. The sperm is more than a one hit wonder, in the female body. It can stay around quite a while, making it easier to conceive days after intercourse. 

The Life of a Sperm

When couples have trouble conceiving, there are three possible causes – male infertility, female infertility and a combination of male and female infertility. When my wife and I suffered infertility as a couple, we started with tests to determine if female infertility was the problem and we found our answer immediately. With a few lifestyle changes, we were able to conceive, but not all couples are that lucky. Some women are fertile, but the men they are in a relationship with are infertile.