Shopping for maternity clothes during pregnancy is not so easy because it seems your body changes every single day. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Shop early. Not every mother to be will need maternity clothes at the same time in the pregnancy. The idea is to buy the great deals when you see them even if you think you are too small right now. As the months progress, the clothes will fit right into the wardrobe and you will be faced with less stress over shopping for maternity clothes once the closet well has run dry.
  2. One baby or two. Multiple pregnancies will create a larger weight gain and tummy growth earlier in the pregnancy. From the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy, the multiple mom will need maternity clothes to feel comfortable.
  3. Choose the right size. Moms who are pregnant with one baby can often choose maternity clothes in the same size they are currently wearing. Ideally, the weight gained will be in the tummy area and up which is allowed for in maternity clothing. Moms of multiples may have to add a size or two.
  4. Think layers. With the additional weight and hormone load, layers are the best option for moms to be. The best layers allow mom to wear comfortable stretchy clothes under the more formal wear for work or a night out with dad. Layers are also great when the mornings are cooler and the afternoons hot.
  5. Breathable fabrics are best. No one likes to sweat and that goes double for mom and baby. Breathable fabrics like cotton are the best choice as the skin is allowed to breathe.
  6. Stretch is good. There are plenty of maternity clothes that are in cotton. Cotton is a very forgiving fabric but may tend to stretch out over time and fall off the belly unless there is a bit of spandex woven into the material.
  7. Dressing it up. Pregnant women love to look good just like women who aren't pregnant. If you have the perfect pair of dress pants but your tummy has long outgrown the waist, try an expanding waistline. These spandex additions to the wardrobe fit into the waistline of any pair of pants and allow for extra room so mom can continue wearing the dress clothes she loves.
  8. Dressing it down. With so much going on in the body, when mom is hanging around the house the pants need to stay in the closet. Mom can choose broom skirts or even a sundress or two for those days when lounging is the only thing on the agenda.
  9. The underside of things. Not only does outerwear come in maternity sizes but underwear as well. Panties can be purchased in larger sizes to accommodate the growing belly as can bras. It is important to buy only one pack of panties or two bras at a time during the pregnancy as the tummy and breasts will continue to grow up until birth.
  10. Those last few weeks. As the gestational period comes to an end, mom will want to permanently hang the pants in the closet. This is the time to wear only those comfy skirts and dresses that were once worn only on lounge days. Mom will feel better and going to the bathroom frequently requires less work.
  11. After the baby. Many women believe their need for maternity clothes stops after the baby is born. In most cases, the tummy takes time to shrink back to pre-pregnancy size. The clothing from the last trimester will fit at first and eventually the clothing from the second trimester. After 6 to 8 weeks, mom can be back in her old clothes and free from maternity fashion.
  12. When in doubt. If mom lives in an area where maternity clothing is limited, the plus size department is the next best place to look for affordable clothing to fit the growing tummy.
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