Understanding your pregnancy week by week can help you make good decisions throughout your pregnancy.  A pregnancy in singleton pregnancies lasts an average of 40 weeks (280 days) from the first day of the last menstrual period to the estimated date of delivery or 266 days from the time of ovulation/fertilization to the dues date. BabyMed teaches you everything you need to know about pregnancy, from getting pregnant to nutrition and sex to having a healthy baby. The more you know about your pregnancy week by week, the more prepared you'll be to face what lies ahead.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Guide

Weight gain during pregnancy is a top concern, not only for how you will look and feel but also because it can be a determining factor in a healthy and happy pregnancy. Being overweight or underweight during pregnancy can both have adverse effects.

Complete List Of Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

What pregnancy symptoms can you expect? What are definite signs of pregnancy? Read through our comprehensive list of pregnancy symptoms and signs, with each symptom explained!

Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

There are many body changes during pregnancy that will happen both physically and emotionally. We will explain them here as well as offer some suggestions for relief.

Ebola Virus and Pregnancy

Ebola hemorrhagic fever and pregnancy.

Pregnancy: Questions and Answers

The BabyMed Ask & Answer tool is a way to get information and share your knowledge. We have several categories for questions and answers, such as getting pregnant, pregnancy signs and much more!

TTC: How Often Should I Have Sex During Fertile Days?

"How often should I have sex" is a common question when trying to conceive. Every day or every other day?

Getting Pregnant Faster

Want to get pregnant right now? Here is a plan to help you get pregnant and have the baby of your dreams!

Pregnancy Guide: I Am Pregnant

This guide teaches you everything about pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms, and more

Guide to the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

By the time the third trimester rolls around, you are accustomed to the various transformations your body has gone through. Here are some changes you may notice during.

Guide to the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The second trimester is a very moving time, both literally and figuratively. Your belly is starting to show evidence of your growing uterus, you are feeling your baby move, and you may even find out the sex of your baby, if you so choose.

The Six Trimesters Of Pregnancy

You always assumed that each pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. But did you know that there are actually six trimesters?

Mercury Content of Fish and Pregnancy

Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and can also be released into the air through industrial pollution. Mercury falls from the air and can accumulate in streams and oceans.      

What Is an Anatomy Ultrasound During Pregnancy?

When the pregnancy hits the 20th week of gestation, an anatomy ultrasound is often ordered. This ultrasound is used to determine fetal anomalies, the baby's size and weight, and also to measure growth to ensure that the fetus is developing properly.

Normal Laboratory Values and Results During Pregnancy

Most laboratory tests remain the same whether you are pregnant or not, while other laboratory tests that may be considered abnormal when not pregnant, can be considered normal during pregnancy.

Dr. Amos Pregnancy Book

Read Dr. Amos' eBook about pregnancy, fertility, trying to get pregnant, and the postpartum period. Everything you need to know!

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that implants abnormally outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube.

How to Tell Your Boss That You Are Pregnant in 12 Steps

Some jobs require that you tell them right away about your pregnancy, while in others in may be better to wait. Here are 12 steps when to tell your boss that you are pregnant.

Neurology Conditions and Pregnancy

Being pregnant affects many neurologic diseases and their diagnostic approach and treatment can be severely affected because of the pregnancy. Some neurologic conditions are first diagnosed in pregnancy, others are known prior to pregnancy and can stay the same, get worse or get better.

Chinese Sex and Gender Pregnancy Calendar and Predictor

This Chinese Sex Pregnancy Calendar Gender Predictor and Calculator predicts the baby's sex based on the mother's age.

Pregnancy Guide For Women Age 35 and Older

When a woman becomes pregnant past the age of 35, she is considered to be of advanced maternal age. As a woman ages, her egg stores are lower and may not be as healthy and viable as they once were.

Hepatitis A and Pregnancy

Hepatitis A (HAV) is a viral infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). Other viral liver infections are caused by Hepatits B (HBV) and C (HCV) viruses.

Fetal Health Monitoring

Women with high-risk pregnancies and those who experience other complications often need a close watch of the fetus for potential problems or complications.

Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise is usually healthy in pregnancy, but there are some precautions that you need to take.

Tips for Staying Comfortable at Work During Pregnancy

Tips for Staying Comfortable at Work During Pregnancy

When Should I Return to Work After Birth?

One of the biggest decisions for a working mother is when to return to work after their baby is born.

Prenatal Yoga

All your prenatal questions answered. What do I need to practice prenatal yoga? Is it safe for my baby? Do I need to be flexible?

Guide to Pregnancy and Sex

There are many reasons why sex during pregnancy can be more enjoyable, even if you are doing it less.

Is it Safe to Eat Liver During Pregnancy?

Liver is a good source of protein and is rich in certain vitamins and minerals. However, there are several concerns with eating products made from liver while you're pregnant.

Pregnancy: Week By Week

An illustrated guide on how your baby is developing and how your body is changing week-by-week.

Pregnancy Calendar And Calculator Week By Week

Create your own personal pregnancy calendar and pregnancy calculator week by week to find your fertile days and your pregnancy due date and then to follow your baby's development from conception to birth.

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?

Wondering if you can get pregnant on your period is a common question. Find out whether it's possible to conceive when you have sex on your period.

Ovulation Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms of ovulation include mittelschmerz, light pelvic pain on one side of the pelvis, spotting, changes in cervical mucus, breast tenderness.

Brown Vaginal Discharge - What Does It Mean?

Brown vaginal discharge can be a cause for concern as it may indicate a pregnancy and an early miscarriage or other issues such as infection or hormonal problems.

Mental Health and Pregnancy

Mental health is important not only during pregnancy but at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Food Poisoning During Pregnancy

Gastroenteritis or stomach flu is medical term for symptoms such as stomach pain, fever, diarrhea and nausea. Pregnant women are just as susceptible to getting gastroenteritis as nonpregnant women.

Pap Papanicolaou Smear - Results

A Pap test short for Papanicolaou test is a test done during a cervical or vaginal examination. Cells frrom the time of the cervix are scraped off and examined to check for precursors or actual cetvical cancer. Results from the Pap test can either be normal or they can show other results.

Pregnancy Safety Guide

Everything you need to know about which activities, sports, foods, and exposures are safe during pregnancy.

Guide To Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

What conditions can cause nausea and vomiting during pregnancy?

16 Pregnancy Tips for Dads-to-Be

When a woman is pregnant, her partner is pregnant, too. It may seem as if the expectant mother gets all the attention to many fathers-to-be, but there are many things a spouse or partner can do to support the pregnancy and prepare himself for parenthood.

Is Yoga Safe During Pregnancy?

During the first few months of pregnancy, traditional yoga poses are completely safe but you may have to make modifications as your pregnancy progresses.

Guide To Daily Pregnancy Life

Your Daily Pregnancy Life - Dos & Don'ts

Sleeping and Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

You should sleep in the position that's most comfortable for you during pregnancy, though the left side appears safer than the back or right side.  

Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time

Causes of a prolonged aPTT include, but are not limited to, heparin, coumadin, lupus anticoagulant, coagulation factor deficiencies , and specific coagulation factor inhibitors

Is It Safe To Be At A High Altitude During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to be at a high altitude during pregnancy? There is limited data on the actual impact of high altitude during pregnancy ...

Cold Sores During Pregnancy

The first symptoms of cold sores may include pain around your mouth and on your lips, a fever, a sore throat, or swollen glands in your neck or other parts of the body.

Vaccinations and immunizations during pregnancy

There are certain vaccinations which are safe during pregnancy while others are contraindicated. See the complete list here.

Is It Safe To Play Volleyball During Pregnancy?

Volleyball is a great sport to help you stay active. It provides a good cardio workout and strengthens your agility, exercising both your upper and lower body. However, it is a game that requires a lot of movements and jumping, and there is an increased risk of falling while trying to squash that ball down over the opponent's net. Risk of Falling

Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?

The key to maintaining your exercise routine during your pregnancy is to understand the limits of the pregnant body and the safety concerns that come along with carrying a child.