Pregnancy can be a difficult time for the whole family and especially children. Here are 12 steps to make it easier:children during pregnancy


  1. Be patient - Children will not understand the process of pregnancy at first, but with a bit of education and a lot of time, they will know that baby is coming. At first they may not be happy, but be patient and allow them to come to terms with having a baby brother or sister in the house.
  2. Include them in the process - The biggest fear for children when mom is having another baby is being forgotten. Including the other children in the process can be as simple as allowing them to help decorate baby's room, but it will make a world of difference.
  3. Show them life - Bringing the other children in the household to the sonogram is a great way to show them the life inside your belly. This picture on the screen is often enough to breed happiness and adoration for the new baby.
  4. Make the time special - When mom is pregnant all eyes are on her. This does not have to mean the other children do not want to feel special too. Making shirts that say big brother or big sister, allowing them to pick out comforters or decorations or even creating decorations for the room are all ways to make the pregnancy a special time for them.
  5. Give them duties - What will happen after baby is born? This is the question many children ask themselves or their parents when mom is pregnant. As the time for baby approaches, make sure to give them a special duty to perform that is essential and necessary. This could include filling baby diapers or loading the dishwasher.
  6. Teach them about babies - Children only know what they see about babies. Parents can teach children about the baby, how the babies grow and when the baby is ready to come out of mommy's belly.
  7. Encourage them to talk - If you find the children in your home are not willing to talk about the upcoming birth, encourage them to be more open even if the things they have to say are not the most positive.
  8. Encourage questions - Questions are how we all learn. This is especially true for children. Encouraging children to ask questions about the baby or the birth is one way to give them ease about the situation.
  9. Make special time for them before birth - Pregnancy is special for mom and the fetus, but what about the other children in the household? Pregnancy plans will take up a lot of time, but making time for the other children needs to also be a priority. Before the baby is born, plan special events that are all about the children.
  10. Make special time for them after birth - After the baby is born, there will be very little time just for the other children unless you make that time a part of everyday life. Whether you plan time every day, or just on the weekends, giving the other children time away from baby keeps them feeling special in the home.
  11. Make alone time important - When there is no time to go out of the home for some alone time without baby, one of the parents can plan activities inside the home that are special to each individual child. These special times can include art projects, watching a movie or reading together.
  12. Plan special weekend treats - On the weekends, make a little time apart from baby last a long time with baking. Children love to cook and when you make baking special treats a weekend time without baby, you can reengage with your children on a whole new level.
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