decorate baby roomGetting the baby's room ready is a time-honored tradition and can be done safely if you read our 12-step program:

  1. Go green: There are plenty of green cleaning supplies that can be safely used during pregnancy. The key is to research the most natural ingredients and use those to clean and dust while pregnant with baby.
  2. Stay away from chemicals: Chemicals are not an option during pregnancy. No matter how safe the chemicals say they are for the pregnant woman, staying away from chemical cleaning products, stains and paints is the only option.
  3. Secure wall hangings: Safety during decorating pertains to more than just the pregnant mom. After baby is born, the nursery will need to remain safe for baby. This means securing all wall hangings to ensure they do not fall down on baby after mobility is achieved.
  4. Measure the crib slats:Crib slats need to be no more than 2 3/8 inches between the slats. This is to ensure baby is safe while sleeping in the crib. Any crib with slats wider than this will pose a danger and should not be used.
  5. Make a tight fit
    : The baby crib mattress needs to be a very tight fit in the frame. The mattress may even feel as if it is too big for the space available, but the tighter, the better. Any space can increase the chance of SIDS death in infants.
  6. Use odor free paint:There are odor free paints available to use while mom is pregnant. Even though these paints are odor free and often chemical free, this does not mean the pregnant mom can paint the room. This job should still be delegated to someone else.
  7. Test the strength of the changing board / table: Many people choose to use furniture other than a traditional changing board to change diapers. If this is the case, the pregnant mom needs to make sure the table will support the weight of baby. The table also needs to be big enough to hold baby through the diapering years. A pad and straps need to be attached to the table so mom can secure baby in place while changing the diaper.
  8. Secure the changing board / table: The changing table needs to also be secured to the wall. This will prevent the table from tipping over when baby becomes more active. Securing the changing table to the wall can be accomplished with straps or bolts.
  9. Keep the room ventilated: When baby's room is painted, the painters will need to keep the room ventilated for at least a week after the painting is complete. This goes for both regular paint and odor free paint.
  10. Leave the pillows and comforters for mom and dad: A newborn baby does not need to have a pillow or a thick comforter. The sheets should also be very tight on the mattress. A waterproof pad is a great option since diaper leaks are common.
  11. Keep stuffed toys out of the crib: Along with the pillows and comforter, the stuffed animals and toys need to be kept out of the crib. A mobile can be hanged above the crib, but baby will not notice the colors or movement for some time after birth.
  12. Second hand / baby / safety: Saving money with baby on the way by buying second hand furniture, clothes and bedding may seem like a great idea but these items may not be safe for baby. All second hand items need to follow safety guidelines.