1. Dress comfortably

If you're going to be stuck on a cramped plane for hours, it's a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movements. Cotton is a safe choice, and a simple outfit will guarantee that you still look chic. Also don't forget to bring socks and a pashmina or thin blanket, since new airline cutbacks mean these items might not be provided.

2. Stay away from salt

Avoid foods high in sugar or salt, as they make you tired and dehydrated. Plane food can be hit or miss at best, so it's always a good idea to bring some healthy snacks such as energy bars.

3. Drink water

It's an obvious tip, but many people forget to drink enough water while in the air. Make sure to get a refill every hour you're awake, and stay away from alcohol. Also, because cabin air wrecks havoc on the skin, it's a good idea to use rich face cream and body moisturizer.

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4. Recharge your batteries

Your safest bet is to charge all your electronics before you fly, though an increasing number of airports now offer "charge stations" where you can plugin. Whenever you can, try to consolidate your electronics, and take as few as possible in your carry-on bag to cut your time going through security.

5. Sleep it off

Try to sleep on the plane if you can. If you have a hard time falling asleep, natural products with Valerian root or Melatonin (and, of course, standard sleeping pills) can help you arrive rested. Earplugs, neck pillows, and eye masks can all help as well. A good tip is to bring your own chamomile tea bags and get hot water from the stewardess. When you’re not napping, make sure to do some basic exercises to keep your blood flowing. Walk around the cabin and stretch. 

6. Stay away from the last rows

Aisle or window is a personal choice, but when you check-in and get your seat assignment, it's always a good plan to make sure you're not sitting in the last rows of the plane. Those seats are close to both the engine and the bathrooms, which translates to noisy and smelly. 

7. Paper or plastic

Don't bother taking heavy books on the plane -- go instead with a paperback or magazines. The Kindle or iPad is also a lightweight, compact choice and means easy transitioning between work and pleasure reading.

8. One bag is all you need

Do yourself and everyone else behind you in the security line a favor, and take only one carry-on bag. While most airlines will allow you to take a bag and a personal item, the extra magazine, water bottle, and duty-free purchase will leave you with too many things in your hands. You'll be less stressed and exhausted if you have one bag with enough free space for last-minute additions. 

9. Fight jet lag

Here are three tips for fighting jet lag, which will make you much happier when you arrive at your final destination:
    •     Take good care of yourself before you fly. Sleep well, exercise, and don't drink before you get on the plane. It's a really bad idea to fly with a hangover.
    •    If you can, adjust your sleeping habits before you leave to make the transition easier. Get up or go to bed earlier based on which time zone you're heading to.
    •    When you arrive at your destination do your best to stay awake until it's night time in the new location. It's a huge help for fighting jet lag.

10. Exercise and move while in the air

Staying in one position too long can increase certain health risks such as getting blood clots. make it a habit to get up, move, exercise, empty your bladder regularly every 1-2 hours.

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