Whether you consider yourself a globetrotter or you simply took the trip of a lifetime to an unforgettable spot, honoring a destination is a new baby-naming trend. Below are 17 location-inspired names, including popular countries, cities, and even landmarks!


  1. India: Actually means “body of water”

  2. China: Yes, like *the* China

  3. Jordan: Located in the Middle East by the Mediterranean Sea

  4. Ireland: Translates to “goddess of the land”


  1. Memphis: Means “enduring and beautiful”

  2. Charlotte: Ironically enough, this girl’s name means “free man”. It also is a dessert involving ladyfingers!

  3. Berlin: The German capital also means “borderline.”

  4. Brooklyn: This one has been gaining popularity in recent years. Not only is Brooklyn a trendy place to start a family in NYC, but it also means, “one who lives near a brook”.

  5. Phoenix: Originally means “dark red” in Greek

  6. Devon: An English county

  7. Chelsea: With namesake cities in both London and New York City, it originally meant, “landing place for chalk or limestone."

  8. Aspen: Like the laid-back city in Colorado. Also the English word for “tree”

  9. Austin: The city in Texas, yes, but also means “respected”

  10. Valencia: A Spanish city that represents power

Popular Landmarks

  1. Everest: Yup, like Mount Everest!

  2. Savannah: Fittingly means, “of the desert”

  3. Niagara: Like the falls, but less dangerous

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