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    Popular Baby Names

    Baby names are often not easy to choose. Look at popular babynames from past decades and get some insipration from old names. ... more »

    Spoiled Rotten: Irish Family's First Girl Born in 117 Years

    For one brand-new baby girl in Ireland, being spoiled rotten is more than a rite of passage: it’s an ancestral birthright. Saoirse Grace May is the first girl born into this Irish family in 117 years. ... more »

    Most Popular, Most Unique Baby Names of 2014

    Did you welcome a little Charlotte or Amelia (or Emilia) into the world in 2014? Or a Liam or Noah, perhaps? If so, your little 2014 bundle of joy shares a name with lots of other kids his or her age. ... more »

    Baby Names X 2 = What Will We Name the Twins??

    Naming a new baby is one of the joys of parenthood but finding the name that will fit for a lifetime can be a bit challenging, too. When twins are expected, the name game changes a bit. ... more »

    Top 1000 Baby Names for the Year 2013

    Popularity of names in 2013 ... more »

    Baby Names: More About Parents Than Babies?

    Adults in the child's life are just as influenced by the child's name; considering the ramifications of a child's name makes baby-naming a fun but daunting task. ... more »

    It’s Daughter #2 for Drew Barrymore

    Drew Barrymore and her husband, Will Kopelman, announced the arrival of their daughter, Frankie, on April 22. Frankie is daughter #2 for the couple, who have a 19-month-old daughter named Olive. ... more »

    51 Baby Names Outlawed in Saudi Arabia; Other Nations Have Baby Name Bans, Too

    In Saudi Arabia the name Sandi has been banned, along with 50 others, in the latest update to the Saudi government's running list of banned baby names. ... more »

    Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth: What To Name Two Little Thors?

    Hollywood celebrity couple Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth made no secret they were having twins but, once the little guys were born, the couple seemed in no rush to reveal their sons' names. ... more »

    Is Jimmy Kimmel Serious About Naming His New Baby Karate?

    Jimmy Kimmel recently announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he and his wife, Molly McNearney, are expecting their first child together. He also said he likes the name Karate for his new baby. ... more »

    Gwen Stefani’s New Baby Named After His Grandmothers

    It's baby boy #3 for Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale. Little Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale joined the family on February 28. ... more »

    Megan Fox Gives Buddhism-Inspired Name to Baby #2

    It's baby boy #2 for celebrity couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Bodhi Ransom Green was born on February 12 and is already famous in his own right due to his unusual name. ... more »

    Grace Amidst the Gridlock: Baby Born in Atlanta’s Snowy Traffic Jam

    Sheffield asked the driver what had become the usual question: 'Youstuck or broke down?' This time, he got a highly unusual response:'Nope. We're having a baby.' ... more »

    Football Fans Name Child ‘12th Mann’...and It’s a Girl!

    There's a very pretty little girl - a tiny, delicate little girl - Troy and Kelly Mann, are staunch fans of the Seattle Seahawks football team. ... more »

    2014 Pregnancy Trend Predictions

    An investigation of online chatter about pregnancy and babies reveals the following trends settling in for 2014. ... more »

    7 Popular Baby Names Inspired by Literature

    Here are seven popular baby names, in alphabetical order, that bookworms will appreciate; they're all inspired by literary works or authors. ... more »

    Wanna Know Why Busy Philipps Named Her Daughter ‘Cricket’?

    Cute girl names run in Busy Philipps family. Born Elizabeth Jean Philipps, the Cougar Town star quickly earned her own cute nickname, Busy, because she just couldn't stop moving. ... more »

    Kate Winslet: Don’t Mess with Bear’s Mama

    British actress and new mom Kate Winslet will grace the cover of the United Kingdom (UK) version of the fashion magazine, Glamour, for its February 2104 issue. ... more »

    28 Creatively Unique Celebrity Baby Names and the Stories Behind Them

    Here are 22 creatively unique celebrity baby names and the stories behind them. ... more »

    Kate Winslet: Interesting Names Becoming a Family Tradition?

    The award-winning English actress, Kate Winslet, seems to be making interesting names a memorable new family tradition. ... more »

    Naming Baby: Cheese, Anyone?

    Some parents put a great deal of thought into naming their children. Others, well, maybe not so much. ... more »

    Baby Names: the Softer Sounds of Boy Names in 2013

    In 2013 there is a growing trend of leaving behind traditionally masculine names with softer, gentler names being given instead. ... more »

    Baby Names: Crayola Magic for Your Baby Name

    Among the colors Crayola has added to the rainbow are quite a few takes on traditional color names that parents are using as names for children. Take a look at Crayola magic at its best. ... more »

    Baby Names Inspired By Greek Gods and Goddesses

    The persistent popularity makes ancient Greek names the perfect alternative to traditional baby names. ... more »

    Independence Day: July 4th Inspired Baby Names

    Independence Day is all about sacrifice, independence and freedom. Babies born on or around the 4th of July are the perfect candidates for a name inspired by the holiday. ... more »

    Biblical Names For Your Baby

    There are more than 2,500 names in the bible, some of which have stronger meaning than others. While male biblical names are more prominently used, there are female biblical names to choose from as well. ... more »

    Choosing a Baby Name to Fit Your Last Name

    One of the most difficult challenges when naming children is to choose a first and middle name that goes perfectly with the last name (surname) the child is given. ... more »

    Baby Names: How to Name Twins and Multiples

    Most parents have enough trouble choosing a name for just one baby, let alone two, three or more. While multiples are rare, more than 100,000 multiple births are recorded every year in the United States. ... more »

    Baby Names Inspired by Nature

    Baby names inspired by nature are nothing new as parents have been turning to nature to name children for centuries. ... more »

    Baby Names: Weird and Unusual Baby Names

    Not that many years ago baby names were chosen to honor family members and celebrate family traditions. Today's focus on individuality has caused an increase in weird and unusual baby names. ... more »

    Baby Names: Unisex Baby Name Trend

    There was a time when simply mentioning a baby name revealed gender. These days, baby name trends are evolving and parents no longer feel the need to give children gender-specific names. ... more »

    Give Me a K: Baby Names and the Growing Kardashian Klan

    Baby names are chosen with hope, tradition and formality and, in some cases, with the same first letter across all members of the the Kardashians. ... more »

    The Royal Pregnancy: Royal Baby Names

    The royal family has taken extensive measures to control media coverage of the pregnancy and birth, but keeping the media at arm's length has not stopped legions of followers. ... more »

    Will Your Baby’s Initials Affect His Mortality?

    As I looked into it a bit more, I realized that there actually could be a correlation between how long a person lives and what his name’s initials spell. Are you still skeptical? Here are some examples. ... more »

    Popular 1000 Baby Names For The Year 2012

    The following are the top 1000 most popular baby names for the year 2010 as reported by the Social Security administration. ... more »

    Newborns Put a Face to the Name - and the Voice

    I am amazed by the new 4D ultrasounds that have become popular with mothers in the last few years. These incredibly detailed images allow anticipation-filled parents-to-be view a 3D image of their growing baby. ... more »

    Popular 1000 Baby Names For The Year 1987

    Rank Male Female 1 Michael Jessica 2 Christopher ... more »

    Unusual Baby names and spellings of baby names from the United States in 2011

    Here are unusual and strangely spelled baby names from the United States in 2011 ... more »