We’re halfway through 2019. Wondering what the top baby names for girls are for this year? So far, the girls are seeing plenty of short and sweet choices. Names ending in “a” appear especially popular! In no particular order, here are 8 of the most popular baby girl names for 2019 so far!

  1. Emma: Means “universal” in German! A good pick for a free spirit?

  2. Olivia: Not much of a stretch here, but this one means “olive tree” in Latin.

  3. Sophia: The Greek word for “wise”. Seems like a win-win on this one!

  4. Ava: A Hebrew name meaning “bird”.

  5. Isabella: “God’s oath” in Hebrew. Powerful!

  6. Harper: Meaning “harpist” in Old English.

  7. Amelia: In Latin, this name means “striving”.

  8. Evelyn: Gaining more popularity in recent years, it means “hazelnut” in Celtic!

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