nature baby namesWhen Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose the name Apple for their child the world immediately asked why. Why would you name a child Apple? The couple was quick to respond that apples are sweet, biblical and lovely. Baby names inspired by nature are nothing new as parents have been turning to nature to name children for centuries.

Four Seasons Four Names

Four of the more popular nature-inspired baby names are taken from the four seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring. Winter is the least popular of the four seasonal baby names leaving summer, autumn and spring.

  • Summer: Beautiful, warm, inspiring.
  • Autumn: Inspirational, clever, dramatic. 
  • Spring: Generous, friendly, easy-going.

Flowers in Your Family
Another hugely popular baby naming trend is flowers. Flower names tend to be geared toward girls more than boys. Popular flower names for girls include:

  • Rose
  • Lily
  • Petal
  • Blossom
  • Lotus
  • Petunia

Nature-Inspired Names for Boys
Despite the huge popularity of nature-inspired names for girls, there are quite a few nature-inspired names for boys as well.

  • Cliff
  • Flint
  • Forest
  • Leif
  • Woody
  • Clay
  • River
  • Reed

Other Popular Nature-Inspired Names
Choosing a baby name can be difficult, especially if you are considering a unique baby name based on nature. Some parents find it easier to choose a specific nature theme before choosing one or two names.

  • Tree Names for Girls: Amber, Cherry, Aspen, Cinnamon and Hazel.
  • Tree Names for Boys: Acton, Barker, Birch, Ash and Aston.
  • Animal Names for Girls: Dove, Fawn, Kitty, Lark and Raven.
  • Animal Names for Boys: Drake, Finch, Hawke, Robin and Sorrel.
  • Weather Names: Storm, Rain, Sky, Cloud and Thunder.
  • Water Names: River, Ocean, Misty and Cane.
  • Astrological Names: Moon, Celeste, Luna, Star and Twila.

Nature-Inspired Names with a Worldly Twist
If you are looking for a unique baby name and choosing a natural name is not quite different enough, why not choose a nature-inspired name translated to a different language? Popular names translated to French, Spanish or Italian give parents many different options to choose from.

Summer: Été (French) or Verano (Spanish).
Rose: Rosa (Spanish).
Lily: Giglio (Italian) or Lirio (Spanish).
Jasmine: Jasmin (French) or Jazmín (Spanish).
River: Riviere (French), Río (Spanish) or Fiume (Italian).

There are an infinite number of nature-inspired baby names. Just because you have your heart set on Iris or Summer does not mean you have to take the traditional route. Translate the name into a different language or use an alternate spelling, such as Sommer for Summer, to create your very own unique nature-inspired name.

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