baby namesHerbert Lockyer, a pastor and author, once wrote, “Without a name a man is nothing.” The names parents have given their children over the years are often rooted in deep religious belief, scripture and history. While male biblical names are more prominently used, there are female biblical names to choose from as well. There are more than 2,500 names in the bible, some of which have stronger meaning than others.

Male Biblical Names

  • Jesus: The father of all creation. Jesus is more commonly used in Latin cultures as a male name than western cultures.
  • Moses: The receiver of the laws of man as given by God. 
  • Adam: The father of all human kind. 
  • Abraham: The father of all faith. 
  • David: King of Israel who beat Goliath. 
  • John: Considered Jesus’s closest friend – an apostle. 
  • Peter: Earliest leader of the church. 
  • Simon: Original name of Peter. 
  • Isaac: Son of Abraham. 
  • Luke: Author of the book of Acts, often considered the cornerstone of Christian history. 
  • Noah: The builder of the great arc. 
  • Abel: First son ever born; considered a symbol of faith.

Female Biblical Names

  • Eve: The mother of all human kind.
  • Mary: The mother of Jesus.
  • Sarah: Wife of Abraham. 
  • Eden: The garden where Adam and Eve were created. 
  • Esther: Queen who used her courage to save a nation. 
  • Leah: The first of Jacob's two wives and mother of six of Jacob's sons.

Little Remembered Names of the Bible
Many of the most popular biblical names chosen as baby names are part of major stories of faith and birth, but there are some little remembered names of people who played significant parts in the history of religion and the world, according to the Bible.

  • Tychicus: A servant of the Lord given the duty of sharing news of Paul to Colosse meant to keep faith alive.
  • Epaphras: A faithful prayer leader carrying the word of God to others. 
  • Nympha: Allowed Christian meetings to be held in her home. 
  • Aaron: Assistant to Moses.

The Bible is considered by many to be the foremost history of the Earth and humankind. It is the handbook many people use as a basis for making choices, living a good life and helping others do the same. While there are popular names from the Bible, like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there are also a few little known unsung biblical heroes who are less commonly named after. While not all men and women of the Bible are strong in character and faith, there are plenty of names to choose from.

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