The popular saying, “You are what you eat” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to food-inspired baby names. Plenty of new parents are turning to their pantries to name their newborns. Here are 11 of the most popular food inspired baby names:

  1. Rosemary: An herb, yes, but also translates to “dew of the sea”. It’s associated with faithfulness!

  2. Kale: More than just a trend, did you know the word comes from an ancient Germanic name meaning “freeholder”?

  3. Kiwi: Exactly what it sounds like. Short, cute, and sweet!

  4. Saffron: A strong choice for spice-loving parents.

  5. Sage: In Latin, Sage translates to “wise”.

  6. Olive: Drew Barrymore’s daughter

  7. Caper: Olive’s sibling (Drew Barrymore was on a foodie roll, huh?)

  8. Charlotte: Surprised to see this one here? Charlotte is actually a dessert involving ladyfingers!

  9. Basil: This one means “royal and brave”.

  10. Chia: This protein-packed seed also means, “a thousand nights” in Japanese. In Chinese, it means “summer”.

  11. Apple: Gwenyth Paltrow may have chosen this baby name first but she's definitely not the last.

Hopefully baby is on board with your palate preferences. If not, at least some of these names also make adorable nicknames. Think Rosemary to Rosie or Olive to Liv!

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