Baby Shower Party Themes

Picking a baby shower theme can be a challenge. It is important to find the right balance between focusing on the mother-to-be while also celebrating the baby on the way. The planner wants to honor both baby and mom in a unique manner that surprises guests and leaves mom feeling like she’s a Hollywood star. While classic diaper parties and afternoon baby brunches are good standbys that many baby shower planners continue to fall back on, you won't regret picking a new theme that celebrates mom and baby with a touch of sophistication and style.

Let’s Raffle
: Place a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a bottle of wine, a coupon for a movie rental, and cheese and sausage in a large basket. Wrap a huge bow on the handle and offer raffle tickets for the prize to baby shower guests. The cost of one raffle ticket is a pack of diapers or wipes. Guests can choose to enter the raffle as many times as they like. At the end of the shower, draw the winner’s name. Mom will have enough diapers to last several months and the guest leaves with the best baby shower favor of all.

You’re Pregnant Too?
: One of the more hilarious baby shower party themes requires guests, both male and female, to dress as if they are nine months pregnant. For added enjoyment, give out prices for the largest tummy, most realistic baby bump and most unique belly padding.

It’s Freezing
: For parents who have everything they need for the baby, it can be hard choosing the best baby shower party theme. Why not give parents something they will need for the first few weeks after baby’s arrival? Ask guests to bring frozen meals, wrapped and labeled, to the baby shower. The meals allow mom and dad time with the baby, and other children, without feeling the pressure to shop, cook, and clean-up.

Reading Time With Baby: Spending time reading to baby is a tradition many new mothers set out to uphold, but where are all the books going to come from? Ask guests to chip-in for a rocking chair, if mom does not already have one, or a bookshelf for the nursery. Visit local thrift stores and second-hand stores to purchase children’s books to fill the shelves of the new reading area of the nursery.

Baby shower party themes do not have to be all baby animals. Choose a theme that celebrates both mom and baby sparking gifts she can use while creating an environment everyone will enjoy.

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