baby shower party favorsBaby shower favors tend to be cute and cuddly like a baby. However, not all guests have small children or babies on the way. When choosing unique baby shower gifts, pick favors that guests can actually use and wrap them in cute boxes or bags that represent the baby shower.

Handmade Soaps
: For less than $20 you can purchase the basic essentials to mold soap at home. The process takes very little time and requires melting the soap base, adding color and scent and molding the liquid soap in individual molds or a large square/rectangle shape. After the soap sets, cut into individual bars or pop the bars out of individual molds and wrap in clear plastic. Personalize each bar with the guest’s name and ribbon (blue or pink if applicable).

Scented Candles
: Nothing says baby more than a powdery scent. Grab some baby powder scented candles from your favorite candle shop and personalize the candles with labels and ribbons that match your baby shower theme.

Spa Day Kit
: Grab some pink or blue wash clothes, hair ties, lip balm, bobby pins and compact mirrors. Use colorful, themed ribbons to tie together hair bands. Add everything to a clear gift bag and tie with matching ribbon. Personalize bags with labels with guest names.

Jewelry Boxes with Candy
: Small jewelry boxes engraved with the baby shower date and filled with candy give an immediately sweet gift while leaving guests with something to hold on to.

Cake Pops
: Some of the best baby shower favors are ones guests can enjoy as an extra special treat. Cake pops can be ordered from a local bakery or made at home. The entire process at home takes only a few hours and special cake pop kits make it easy to mold and finish your personalized baby shower favors.

Personalized Cookies
: With specialty printers, bakeries can print pictures, messages and names on edible stickers that adorn cookies of all shapes and sizes. Personalized cookies can also be made at home with baby food to create a unique flavor. Wrap cookies in plastic and tie with a themed ribbon to complete the baby shower favor for your guests.

Giving baby shower favors your guests can use is a much better option than passing out gigantic pacifiers or baby animal note card holders. The favors you decide on should represent your shower while gifting a usable, unique present thanking guests for celebrating this special day.

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