baby shower gamesAt the heart of every baby shower are the activities that keep guests occupied. There are tons of classic (and generally boring games) out there that tend to be overplayed at every baby shower, so why not choose a unique set of games that will keep the crowd interested for hours?

Who Am I?

As each guest arrives at the baby shower, pin the name of a celebrity mom to her back. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen. When the mingling begins, she can ask fellow guests questions about her celebrity mom, writing down clues she gets along the way. After the first hour, gather everyone together and ask them to write down their guess. The winners receive a small prize.

Baby Food Game

The classic baby food game involves tasting baby foods directly out of the jar and trying to guess the names of the foods in the jars. This is one of those overplayed games, but it doesn’t have to be. Place a variety of baby foods on an open table. Remove all labels from the jars. Include other ingredients on the table as well like chocolate chips, shredded coconut, prepared angel food cake, lunch meats and cheeses. Ask the guests to form pairs or groups and create a dish using one jar of baby food. The guests will have to taste the baby food and choose ingredients to partner with the taste. In the end, other guests taste the final dishes and try to pick out the baby food used in the recipe from a list you have provided.

Advice Book

Ask guests to bring a personal picture to the baby shower. Attach the picture to a page of an autograph book or scrapbook. Before leaving the shower, ask guests to provide some parenting advice next to their picture in the book.

Name the Baby Tune

Download songs with baby in the title and burn them to a CD or create an MP3 playlist. Play a small portion of each song and ask guests to name the baby tune. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a small prize.

You Said What?

Baby showers are all about baby, but can your guests forget that word for just a few hours? Attach a diaper pin to the shirt of each guest. When the guest says the word baby, the diaper pin is removed. The last person to be left with the pin is the winner.

Throwing a baby shower does not have to mean spending a few boring hours sharing baby stories. Take this chance to throw a baby shower every guest will remember with unique baby shower games.


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