gender reveal partyFrom the first moment you choose to have a gender reveal party you will be thinking about the theme. A party theme drives all other choices in party planning, including party invitations, timing, location, food and games. Gender reveal parties can follow a seasonal theme or they can give guests an off-the-wall look at your take on the gender reveal.

The Balloon Party

The balloon party theme, as you might guess, is all about balloons. Fill the entire room with pink and blue balloons. Add balloons to the cake, decorations and invitations; really play off the bubbly theme. At the end of the party, open a trash bag with balloons that match the baby’s sex for the final reveal.

Another option is to fill the room with tons of balloons, none of which are pink or blue. Fill one of the balloons with pink or blue confetti and at the end of the party ask the guests to pop all of the balloons until the sex of your baby is revealed.

Team Baby

Ask guests to come to your gender reveal party dressed in pink or blue t-shirts to match their guess for the final reveal. Pair up team members for party games and activities based the color or sex they have chosen. Have party gifts ready for team members who chose the correct sex. You can take the party outdoors for a friendly game of boy versus girl basketball, football or softball.

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt gender reveal party is one of the most interesting and flexible. You can plan the party as small or large as you would like. A small-scale party involves searching for clues or specific items around the home, yard or party space. Large-scale parties require a bit more planning time and a lot of cooperation from friends and family. Send guests out on the town looking for specific items that provide clues to the sex of baby. When they reach the final location, the sex is revealed.

A Night on the Town

If you are more interested in giving an adults-only gender reveal party, leave the house and move the party to a favorite club, bar or restaurant. Choose a location you frequent and ask the DJ, restaurant manager or bartender to help you with the reveal by delivering a pink or blue dessert plate or cocktail colored pink or blue to each of the guests at the end of the party.

Get creative and plan the gender reveal party of your dreams with pink and blue being the final color your guests see. Imagination is the only limitation to the gender reveal party themes you can create.

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