gender reveal party games baby showerIt may be cliché to think a room full of adults want to partake in gender reveal party games, but just because those overplayed baby shower games are no fun does not mean you have to skip them. Games offered at gender reveal parties are often integrated with food and drink, so get ready to plan a series of party games everyone will be talking about.

Integrating Gender Reveal Games into the Party

The huge difference between baby shower games and gender reveal party games is integration. Most of the games offered at gender reveal parties will be integrated into the idea that guests are choosing the sex they think mom and dad will reveal. Place the games on the food table, drink table, at the entry way of the party location and on tables all over the room. You do not have to hold games at a specific time to make games a part of your party.

What is She Craving?

According to old wives’ tales, sex can be revealed based on the foods you are craving during pregnancy – spicy for boys, sweet for girls. Play off the tales and list all the foods you are currently craving and ask guests to give their guess for baby’s sex.

The Tally Board
Place a chalkboard at the door and ask guests to place their guess using tallies placed on the boy or girl side of the board. Or, get creative and attach magnets to the back of pink and blue bows and neckties. Ask guests to choose the sex and attach it to the boy/girl side of the refrigerator or magnetic board.

Pink and Blue Bingo

Sometimes classic games fit better into your gender reveal party, so why not play a few games of gender bingo. Print off classic bingo cards and color the numbers on the boards pink and blue. Label numbers pink and blue. Guests can only mark the number on the bingo board if it matches both the color and number. For added fun, play the game at the end of the party and only call out the color that matches the gender of baby. See how long it takes for guests to realize you are only calling out one color.

Gender reveal party games are the perfect way to integrate guests into the guessing game. Games can be added to the backdrop or played as an active part of the party. Just remember, at the end of the night only one gender will win.

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