The times when your grandmother threw together a baby shower with buttercream mints and her famous pasta salad that nobody likes are over. Today baby shower themes scream new, exciting – YOU! Before buying the invitations and buying an exorbitant amount of pink and blue streamers on clearance, take a look at six of the hottest trends in baby showers today.

Latino Flair

The Latin culture believes baby showers are a party for the whole family. There are games, food, dancing, food and more food. Remember to throw in colorful decorations and adult beverages for the non-pregnant guests as long as the guest of honor does not mind the adult fun. Latin baby showers tend to last well into the night, so reassure the guest of honor that she can retire before the party ends if she needs to rest.

Hollywood Famous

With a cake shaped like a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and black and white decorations with crystals and bling, you cannot go wrong with this adult-friendly baby shower. Ask guests to dress their best and hire older children or teens of friends and family to work for the party as waiters. Guests are male and female.

The Introduction Party

Wait until after the baby is born to have your baby shower or, as the party is better known, your introduction party. The party is often held about one to two months after the baby is born. If parents are a little cautious about a full-blown party with the baby so young, invite only close family and friends to the shower. Gifts tend to be gender-specific and guests are male and female.

Let’s Get Busy

There’s nothing wrong with putting your guest list to work. The "Let’s Get Busy" trend brings friends and family together for an afternoon and evening of furniture assembly. No one likes to assemble the baby crib, swing, rocking chair and other furniture all alone and many parents wait until the last minute to assemble these crucial pieces. Set up and decorate the baby room while you offer pizza, beer or other guest-friendly drinks and play music to complete this simple party. Guests are male and female.

Shopping Anyone?

Rather have a girls-only party. Ask all guests to purchase a small gift card from the same store or selection of stores. On party day, everyone gathers at a central location donning comfortable shoes and an open schedule. The guest of honor is graced with the presence of all her closest friends and family while she shops for what she really needs for the baby.

The Mommy Sleepover

Another girls-only party is the mommy sleepover. Guests arrive at the party in the late evening, rested and ready to eat ice cream, watch movies and relax with their closest friends. Gifts can include spa gift certificates or gift cards to local baby stores. Take the party up a notch by offering in-home manicures and pedicures to guests.

The hottest trends in baby showers do not really sound like baby showers at all, which is exactly how the guests of honor like it. Take a walk on the trendy side and plan your next baby shower with flair.

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