When planning a babymoon, keep the interests of both parents in mind. Select a destination that offers a variety of things to do together or separately but don’t crowd the itinerary. Pregnancy comes with unexpected effects on the body and so does travel so allow some time for leisurely unwinding.

  1. Pregnant couple walks in a fieldBoston, Massachusetts, is ideal for history buffs but don’t wait to show it to the kids; it may take (many) years before they appreciate how important this city is to the development of this great nation.
  2. Charleston, South Carolina, offers Southern charm and hospitality but there are gorgeous beaches nearby. Mild weather invites leisurely strolls, the food is great, and interesting day-trip destinations surround the city.
  3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is ideal for a pregnant lady to relax and indulge in luxurious spa treatments while her partner enjoys outdoor sports too rigorous for pregnancy. Couples come together over romantic dinners, fireside chats, and wildlife safaris in the midst of the nation’s most majestic mountains.
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada, is a must-see even if gambling isn’t a top priority. Casinos don’t allow children, many big-name shows cater to adults, and the city's sights are unlike any you'll see elsewhere. Outside the city, red rock canyons and desert vistas make day trips unforgettable. Enjoy it now before vacations become kid-centric.
  5. Miami, Florida, screams fun in the sun and nightlife like no place else. Dancing to Latin rhythms is great cardio exercise, good for mom and baby, too. Colors are vibrant and lively, food is exotic and delicious.
  6. New Orleans, Louisiana, is often described as the only “foreign” city in the US. The Big Easy sings with accents you’ll hear no place else, food is unique and delicious, and music is everywhere.
  7. New York City, New York, has something for everybody. Art, theater, food, shopping, history, sports - it’s all a part of the Big Apple.
  8. Pennsylvania Dutch Country is a top 10 tourist destination for the US, thanks to its glimpse into living history and an almost extinct way of life. Food here is abundant and wholesome, scenery is lush and beautiful, and expectant parents are sure to find treasures for the nursery among the world-famous handcrafted items made by the Amish and Mennonite artisans here.
  9. San Francisco, California, will keep you busy. The city’s atmosphere goes the full spectrum from Gold Rush fever to Silicon Valley. Tour Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, nearby Napa Valley and redwood forests. Don’t forget to stop off at Ghirardelli Square for some of the best chocolates made in America.
  10. Stowe, Vermont, is ideal for a cozy mountain retreat, breathtaking scenery, and a tour of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory.

When planning a trip, be sure to tell your travel agent or hotelier that you’ll be babymooning. They’re sure to have ideas to make the adventure even more special.

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