pregnancy safety

    Food And Nutrition: During Pregnancy and Beyond

    Some foods are safe and others are not safe during pregnancy because changes in hormones can cause a woman's immune system to become suppressed. ... more »

    Multi-Studies Indicate SSRI Use Safe During Pregnancy

    A class of drugs known as SSRIs brings relief to many people experiencing depression and anxiety but some doctors are hesitant to prescribe them for pregnant women. ... more »

    Pregnancy Diet Survey: What We're Really Eating and How to Improve

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently teamed up with American Baby Magazine to find out what pregnant women really are eating and offer ways to improve our choices. ... more »

    Older Moms, Single Moms, College Grads Most Likely to Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

    One in 10 pregnant women participating in an extensive study of the drinking habits of US women of childbearing age responded positively that they did consume an alcoholic beverage while pregnant. ... more »

    Hello, Flu Season!

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say the vaccine for the 2015-2015 flu season is right on target and should provide better protection this year than last. ... more »

    World Mourns Loss of Thalidomide Champion Frances Oldham Kelsey, 101

    Dr. Kelsey would change the world of pharmaceuticals, and save the lives of untold thousands of babies around the world. ... more »

    Home-Improvement DIYers Risk Toxic Dust Exposure; Avoid in Pregnancy

    A study measured dust levels when common DIY tasks are done and found these projects to be a lot dirtier work than might be expected. Pregnancy is not the time to be a hands-on DIY participant. ... more »

    Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Lips Real or Lip "Service"?

    Kim is making internet waves in true Kardashian style after she posted a selfie from St. Barts. Stealing the scene were her exceptionally plump “pregnancy lips" that many find too plump to believe. ... more »

    Pilates Exercises for Pregnancy

    Doing Pilates during pregnancy can strengthen your tummy and pelvic floor muscles. It’ll reduce back pain, improve balance, and foster relaxation. ... more »

    Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy

    Pilates can be a wonderful way to prepare for birth. “A Pilates workout is one of the best ways to get that full body circulation going, particularly around your vital organs where you need it..." ... more »

    Should I Get Vaccinated During Pregnancy?

    The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is the group of medical and public health experts that develops the annual recommendations on who should be vaccinated with what and when. ... more »

    Should Pregnant Women Participate in Medical Research?

    In any pregnancy, there is about a 3 per cent risk of delivering a baby with a birth defect (that's 3 out of every 100 babies born). The vast majority of drugs and vaccines do NOT cause fetal harm ... more »

    Fear of Medication during Pregnancy can be Harmful

    A pregnant woman, I’ll call her Dorie, was concerned about the effect that her asthma medication might have on her unborn baby. ... more »

    5 Best Exercises to Enjoy During Pregnancy

    Benefits to exercising wisely throughout pregnancy include increased energy, good mood, better sleep, stronger muscles, an easier delivery, and fewer pregnancy pounds to lose later. ... more »

    What is a Pregnancy Registry and Why Should You Be in One?

    A pregnancy registry is a study that gathers information from pregnant women who need to use medications during their pregnancies to improve their birth outcomes. ... more »

    Keepsake Ultrasounds: Know the Risks

    While ultrasound and Doppler fetal ultrasound heartbeat monitors are used by healthcare professionals throughout pregnancy, could the non-medical use of these devices be doing harm? ... more »

    FDA, EPA Urge Pregnant Women To Eat More Fish

    The FDA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have recently issued an updated advisory urging pregnant women to eat more fish and to make sure their toddlers do too. ... more »

    Placenta Accreta: Novel Approach Saves Lives, Spares Fertility

    Dr. Patrick Nicholson used a novel, two-step approach to treat placenta accreta, whereby mothers’ lives are saved, their fertility spared, and no babies suffered ill effects of treatment. ... more »

    Flu Vaccination: Why So Many Questions This Year?

    This year’s flu vaccination has stirred up many questions about how effective it truly is. ... more »

    Mom’s Antipsychotic Meds Affect Pregnancy

    When doctors see pregnant patients who take or need to take antipsychotic drugs, they face the dilemma of treating the mother at the risk of the baby or sparing the baby by not treating the mother. ... more »

    One-Third Pregnant Americans Deficient in Iodine

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a policy statement that indicates one-third of all pregnant and breastfeeding women in the United States aren’t getting enough of iodine. ... more »

    Arsenic: Common Chemicals and Pregnancy Safety

    Arsenic, described as notoriously poisonous to multicellular life, is a common groundwater contamination that affects millions of people worldwide. Contamination is strongest near mining operations. ... more »

    Driving While Pregnant Increases Likelihood of Crashes

    Redelmeier's findings reveal a woman driver is 42% more likely to beinvolved in a car crash that sends her to the ER during the secondtrimester of pregnancy than she is before or after pregnancy. ... more »

    Spin Your Way Through a Healthy Pregnancy

    Is it safe to attend spin classes during pregnancy? ... more »

    Babymoon: Expert Advice for Booking Cheapest Airfare

    If air travel is in your babymoon plans, don't book your flight until you've caught up on the latest travel trends for the year. ... more »

    Better to Breastfeed On Antidepressants Than Not Breastfeed at All

    Many women stop taking antidepressants when they become pregnant or when they begin breastfeeding, with the understanding that it's better for the baby to go without these drugs. But is this true? ... more »

    Pica, Non-Food Pregnancy Cravings, Could Be the Body’s Natural Detox Cure

    Food cravings during pregnancy sometimes go beyond usual edibles. Craving to eat unusual things is called pica. ... more »

    Triclosan in Antibacterial Personal Care Products Promotes Nasal Staph Infections

    Triclosan is a synthetic compound used in many personal care products labeled as antibacterial. It is considered safe to use, however, recent studies suggest otherwise. ... more »

    Healthier Babies Born After Coal Plant Closes

    The closing of a coal power plant in China provided an ideal opportunity to study effects of air pollution and childhood health. Women who became pregnant after the plant closed had healthier babies. ... more »

    Blackstrap Molasses: Natural Sweetener Loaded with Minerals and Antioxidants

    Synthetic sugar substitutes provide sweetness through chemicals that may not be a wise choice, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many more-nutritious natural sweeteners can be substituted, though. Blackstrap molasses is one of the best. ... more »

    Do You Know Where the Salt is Hiding in Your Kitchen?

    "Americans consume too much sodium," says the CDC. There's no doubt that too much salt in the diet raises blood pressure to the point hypertension (high blood pressure) can develop. Hypertension can escalate into cardiovascular disease that causes heart attacks and strokes. ... more »

    Aussie Government Debating Prosecution, Restraint Laws for Women Drinking During Pregnancy

    Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a "real problem" in the Northern Territory (NT), according to its attorney-general, John Elferink. ... more »

    Dialysis During Pregnancy Almost Doubles Live Birth Rate

    A new study offers hope for end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients yearning for motherhood. ... more »

    The Dos and Don’ts for Safe Prenatal Massage

    Special techniques are needed for a safe prenatal massage. Remember these dos and don'ts for the most relaxing prenatal massage. ... more »

    How To Handle Risky Foods and Clean Your Kitchen Safely

    Germs that make us sick are a lot like we are: when we find a cozy place to set up house, we thrive. They do, too. When you know how to handle foods safely and clean your kitchen in ways that don't promote inhabitation by illness-causing germs, you may find you and your family experience fewer upset tummies and bouts of the stomach "flu." ... more »

    Is Your Kitchen Breeding Drug-Resistant Superbugs?

    When cleaning the kitchen after cooking, think survival of the fittest. Remember that only the strong survive. A good scrubbing of all hands, utensils, cutting boards, and work surfaces is a great start but may not be enough to kill all the germs that can make your family sick. ... more »

    Strep Infection During Pregnancy, Delivery Require Immediate Attention

    Although hand washing is standard procedure today, women still sometimes contract life-threatening infections during pregnancy and childbirth. Of particular concern is Group A streptococcus (GAS). ... more »

    Pregnancy Can Trigger Resurgence of Symptoms in Bipolar Women

    Pregnancy can be a tricky time for women diagnosed with psychiatricdisorders but a new study indicates it's especially tough on womenpreviously diagnosed with bipolar disorder (BD). ... more »

    Would Declaring Pregnancy a Disability Stop Workplace Discrimination?

    She's not alone. Pregnant retail workers get fired for the same reason.Hostesses who usually stand during most of a work shift get fired forusing a stool during down times. ... more »

    Acetaminophen, Tylenol During Pregnancy Raises Risk of Baby’s ADHD

    The general perception has been that it's OK to take Tylenol during pregnancy but a recent study of Danish mothers and their children suggests some rethinking may be in order. ... more »

    Crime or Choice: UK Explores Law Against Drinking While Pregnant

    Lawmakers in the United Kingdom (UK) will soon be called upon to determine if drinking alcoholic beverages while pregnant is a crime or merely a reckless exercise of personal choice. ... more »

    Danish Study Finds Lifestyle Choices Reduce Risk of Miscarriage

    A research team based at the University of Copenhagen explored the incidence of miscarriage in Denmark to see if there might be ways to prevent them. ... more »

    Food and Beverage Packages Source of Toxic Chemical Exposure

    A group of scientists has published its concerns for the safety of the packaging materials used in the food and beverage supply. ... more »

    How Dental Health Affects Fertility, Pregnancy

    Ever heard your grandmother say that you'll lose a tooth for every pregnancy? There could be some truth behind that. ... more »

    Inflammation During Pregnancy May Hinder Brain Development in Offspring

    The over-activation of a woman's immune system during pregnancy, such as when she has a cold or the flu, may influence the brain development of the child she carries. ... more »

    Babymooning Around the World: Fodor’s Best Beaches for 2014

    This 2014 recommendation of the 15 best beaches around the world is sure to spark babymooning ideas for travel far and wide. ... more »

    Setting Makes Home Deliveries More Risky, Not Midwives

    Dr. Grunebaum advises patients invite a midwife into the hospital delivery room so a woman can have both the comfort of a familiar birthing companion and the necessary medical staff and equipment. ... more »

    Cleanest Ships for Babymoon Cruise

    Cruises can be the ideal destinations for many couples planning aromantic babymoon escape so don't let sensationalist headlines keep youlandlocked. ... more »

    Australian Woman Surfs Her Way Through 9+ Months of Pregnancy

    It takes a lot to knock Kristi Olivares off her surf board. Pregnancycouldn't do it, not even when the pregnancy lasted nine and a halfmonths. ... more »

    Safe Travel Tips for Babymooners

    Traveling while pregnant introduces some new elements that need to be addressed during the planning stage but most healthy pregnant women can enjoy travel until well into the pregnancy. ... more »