Pregnancy safety is a relative new term to mean that recommendations are made and guidelines implemented wither outside or inside the hospital to ensure that both mothers and babies are safe.

The Danger of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs During Pregnancy

When a friend of mine became pregnant last year, I was very happy for her and her husband. It was their first baby and they were so excited, especially because she was told she might never have children due to also having inactive Lupus. ... read more »

Intermittent Malaria Treatment Detrimental to Offspring

According to researchers from the Department of Pediatrics from the University of Washington School of Medicine, intermittent malaria treatments during pregnancy prove harmful to infants and offspring. The study was published in the journal PLoS One. ... read more »

Hands OFF My Belly!

What is it about a perfectly pregnant tummy that leads total strangersto reach out and rub it? Some expectant mothers don't mind thetouchy-feely intimacy when it's the hand of a friend or family memberdoing the rubbing but what about strangers? ... read more »

Air Quality Impacts Unborn Fetus

The quality of the air pregnant women breathe has an impact on the developing fetus, according to a new study. The study was published in Environmental Health. ... read more »

Suicide Risk Increased Due to Cat Parasite

Pregnant women should never come in contact with the cat litter box because of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that may be found in cat feces. The parasite can move to the brain if the pregnant woman ingests it by accident and cause health problems. ... read more »

Prescription Drugs and Your Rights as a Pregnant Woman

Not all drugs pass through pregnancy testing before being approved by the FDA – that’s why some drugs are pushed into a general pregnancy category that simply says – we haven’t tested this drug so proceed with caution. ... read more »

Eat Healthy: Pregnancy Nutrition and Food Guide

Learn what you should and should not eat while pregnant, and how to help ensure a healthy pregnancy. ... read more »

Sports and Activities During Pregnancy Guide

Learn about which sports are safe during pregnancy and ways to modify activities to keep you and your baby healthy. ... read more »

Pregnancy Safety Guide

Everything you need to know about which activities, sports, foods, and exposures are safe during pregnancy. ... read more »

Pets and Pregnancy Safety

More than 2 in every 3 U.S. households own one or more pets. There is no doubt that pets bring unyielding joy to a person's life. Studies show that people who own pets are happier and healthier. ... read more »

How Many Prenatal Visits are Enough?

Based on findings associated with the WHOACT (World Health Organization Antenatal Care Trial) some countries reduced the number of prenatal visits for healthy, uneventful pregnancies from eight visits to four visits. ... read more »

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

There are certain foods that you should avoid to prevent pregnancy complications and ensure your baby's health. ... read more »

Top Pregnancy Concerns

Learn about the top concerns in pregnancy, such as food, daily living, working, travel, sports, and more! ... read more »

Genetic Variations in Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

NAS is caused by opioid-dependence during pregnancy. Researchers revealed a connection between genetic variants in newborns with the condition, length of hospital stay and necessary treatment. ... read more »

CDC Says Pregnant Women May Be Affected by West Virginia Chemical Spill

More than 300,000 residents of West Virginia have been unable to use the tap water running into their homes, workplaces, restaurants, schools, and elsewhere. ... read more »

Rare Birth Defects Associated with Over-the-Counter Decongestants

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, over-the-counter decongestants may be a cause for concern when used in the first trimester of pregnancy. ... read more »

Risk of Hypospadias with Medical and Herbal Use During Pregnancy

Hypospadias is a condition that affects male infants. The condition causes the urethra to develop in a location other than the tip of the penis. ... read more »

Is Any Form of Tobacco Safe During Pregnancy?

It's impossible to dispute the fact that cigarette smoking is harmful to one's health. Women who smoke during pregnancy risk harming the developing fetus, especially the developing brain. ... read more »

Pregnancy Survey: How to Improve What We're Eating

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently teamed up with American Baby Magazine to find out what pregnant women really are eating and offer ways to improve our choices. ... read more »

SSRIs Before Pregnancy May Increase Baby’s Autism Risk

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of medications often prescribed for anxiety and depression, even during pregnancy. The concern has been that these prescription drugs taken during pregnancy may increase the risk that the child the woman carries will develop autism. ... read more »

Perceived Oral Health and Use of Dental Services During Pregnancy

Dental health is important during pregnancy, but according to a new French study, not all women seek the help or preventative care they need during pregnancy, for a variety of reasons. ... read more »

Sugar and Fat Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Offspring Addiction Risk

Research conducted by a team of neuroscientists at the University of Florida discovered that female rats who consumed a diet high in sugar or fat gave birth to offspring prone to become obese and abuse alcohol and other addictive substances. ... read more »

Oral Vs. Intravenous Labetalol: Hypertensive Emergency During Pregnancy

In a randomized controlled trial, researchers from the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College in India compared the effectiveness of oral nifedipine to intravenous (IV) labetalol. ... read more »

Study Reveals Which Moms are More Likely to Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

One in 10 pregnant women participating in an extensive study of the drinking habits of US women of childbearing age responded positively that they did consume an alcoholic beverage while pregnant. ... read more »

Nicotine Increases Risk of Heart Problems in Infants

More and more studies are being released connecting fetal habits with lifelong side effects in children. According to researchers nicotine increases fetal blood pressure, which could lead to increased risk for heart disease and high blood pressure later in life. ... read more »

How Mom Can Pass Stress to Her Baby Through Placenta

Mothers may pass stress onto their babies two different ways, according to new studies. Findings show that mothers could pass the damaging effects of stress onto their newborns through their placentas and through bacteria in their vaginas. ... read more »

Mom's Blood Sugar During Pregnancy Influences Child's Body Fat

An expectant mother's blood sugar levels affect how heavy her baby will be, according to a new study. ... read more »

Are Mom’s Immunosuppressant Drugs Safe for the Baby?

A recently published paper from medical researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, indicates there is no significant risk associated with some of the most commonly prescribed immunosuppressants and adverse outcomes on fetal development. ... read more »

Air Pollution Exposure and Pregnancy Outcomes

According to several studies, even low levels of air pollution can negatively affect pregnancies and fetal morbidity risks. ... read more »

Maternal Type 1 Diabetes and Hypertensive Complications

Over the past 20 years, medical records of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes have shown an increase in blood pressure with many women falling into the hypertensive group during pregnancy. However, there are no indications of increased hypertensive complications in the same group of women. ... read more »

Maternal Obesity: Molecular Mechanisms and Effects on Offspring

High-fat and high-sugar diets are thought to play a role in the rise of obesity, but researchers believe the next generation will be predisposed to obesity and certain diseases due to molecular mechanisms that take place in the uterus during gestation. ... read more »

Magnesium Sulfate: Neuroprotection at 30 to 34 Weeks Gestation

Magnesium sulfate is currently used as a neonatal neuroprotectant for deliveries at less than 30 weeks gestation. Researchers recently started collecting data for a trial covering gestational ages 30 to 34 weeks. ... read more »

How Pregnancy Affects Running and Walking

Every woman who experiences pregnancy will experience changes in her body. Recent studies on the biomechanical changes of pregnancy on female runners shed light on how pregnancy affects their running stride. ... read more »

Itchy Tummy May Be Pregnancy-Related Liver Disease

An itchy tummy is a common complaint among pregnant women. It's usually attributed to the skin being stretched tight across an expanding belly or increased blood flow to the abdomen. Sometimes, though, it can signify a liver disease associated with pregnancy ... read more »

Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Screening, Diagnosis, Management

IUGR or intrauterine growth restriction is when the fetus is too small, usually less than the 10th %tile. ... read more »

Inquiry About Partner Violence With Pregnant Women

Current talks among medical experts address the issues related to intimate partner violence, but little is known about how pregnant women react to questioning about potential violence from a medical professional. ... read more »

Inflammation During Pregnancy May Hinder Fetal Brain Development

The over-activation of a woman's immune system during pregnancy, such as when she has a cold or the flu, may influence the brain development of the child she carries. ... read more »

Imaging Technique Sheds Light on Alcohol-Related Birth Defects

Until now, limited research on embryos has prevented scientists from understanding how maternal use of alcohol causes congenital heart defects. ... read more »

Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension and Effects on Offspring Health

According to a new study published in the journal PLoS One, offspring born to mothers with pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) in the first trimester were less likely to have health issues later in life. ... read more »

Financial Costs of Tobacco and Marijuana Use in Low-Income Pregnancies

According to a study published in the Journal of Addiction, Research and Therapy, marijuana use in pregnancy may be more prevalent than tobacco use because pregnant women perceive the drug as a safer alternative to tobacco use. ... read more »

Safest Seafood Options for Moms-To-Be

A scientific study of the eating trends of women of childbearing age indicates pregnant women are avoiding the types of seafood known to harbor the most mercury. ... read more »

Exercise During Pregnancy Improves Heart Function in Offspring

A mother can improve the health of her child's heart by exercising during pregnancy, according to a new study. ... read more »

The Maternal and Fetal Effects of Iodine Supplements

The Thyroid Research Group in Cardiff, United Kingdom recently published a study in the European Journal of Endocrinology on the impact of iodine supplements on maternal and newborn health when iodine deficiency was diagnosed. ... read more »

Eating Nuts During Pregnancy May Reduce Child's Food Allergy Risk

A woman can reduce her child's risk for allergies by eating peanuts during pregnancy, according to a new study. ... read more »

Diclectin Treats Early Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) can cause severe nausea and vomiting early in pregnancy. Women who suffer from the condition tend to be hesitant to conceive again due to fear of suffering HG again. ... read more »

Diabetic Neuropathy in Pregnant Women

Researchers from the Center for Pregnant Women with Diabetes in Denmark recently compared prevalence of diabetic neuropathy and microalbuminuria in pregnant women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. ... read more »

Danish Study: Lifestyle Choices Reduce Risk of Miscarriage

A research team based at the University of Copenhagen explored the incidence of miscarriage in Denmark to see if there might be ways to prevent them. ... read more »

Crime or Choice: Law Against Drinking While Pregnant in UK

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom (UK) will soon be called upon to determine if drinking alcoholic beverages while pregnant is a crime or merely a reckless exercise of personal choice. ... read more »

Are Pumpkin or Pumpkin Spice Safe During Pregnancy?

Pumpkins are good for pregnant women. They can be served boiled, baked, steamed or roasted or used in soups and purees. ... read more »

Cardiovascular Disease and Pregnancy-Related Deaths in California

The 2013 annual conference of the American Heart Association was held recently in Dallas, Texas. At a press briefing there, Dr. Afshan B. Hameed said that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death related to pregnancy in the state of California. ... read more »