Are Hair Removers Safe During Pregnancy?

Removing hair during pregnancy

Traditional shaving can be difficult, especially in the last trimester. Most pregnant women will stop shaving until after their pregnancy, once it becomes too difficult to continue.

There have been no official studies as to the effects, if any, to an unborn fetus. The general census is that depilatories/hair removers such as Veet or Nair are safe if used as directed and to limit the amount of time the product is on the skin. These types of products are to be used on the legs and underarms only. The amount of product that could be absorbed through the skin is very minimal. A stopwatch or some sort of timer should be used to help minimize the processing time.

Because of the increased hormone levels, the skin can become more sensitive than before becoming pregnant. If you are going to use a depilatory/hair remover, you should do a test patch 24 hours prior to check for any reactions on your skin. The room should be ventilated very well to reduce any vapors that may be emitted. When removing the depilatory/hair remover, cold water can cause the pores to shrink, thus reducing the amount of product that could be absorbed.

It has also been recommended for depilatories/hair removals to be avoided during pregnancy. Waxing, tweezing, or shaving would be the better alternatives if you choose to not use chemicals. Salons and spas can accommodate expecting mothers to assist with services. If you choose to use professional services check with the salon or spa as to the services they offer and if the technicians are trained to work with expecting mothers. The other alternatives would be a more permanent treatment like electrolysis.

Routine shaving of the perineum

Some hospitals routinely shave the perineum when pregnant women are admitted to labor & delivery.  A recent study showed however that there is no evidence that routine shaving on labor & delivery is not recommended. Another study strongly suggested that pregnant women should be educated to not shave prior to admission for a cesarean delivery.

If you have any concerns, discuss the use of these types of products with your physician.

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