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Each pregnancy trimester can be likened to reaching a goal. Make it from trimester one to two and things are a bit safer. Move from trimester two to three and you are nearing the exciting day of birth. Similarly, during each trimester there are milestones women achieve in their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Trimester One

Many expecting women often spend the first pregnancy trimester coming to terms with the fact that motherhood is now a reality. It does not matter whether this is baby number one or five, new motherhood is still new motherhood every time. Pregnancy trimester one is an active time for baby too. During this time baby grows rapidly, moving from a zygote (just the egg and the sperm) to a fetus the size of a peach. By the 8th week of the first pregnancy trimester, baby is moving her limbs around ready to take on the world. Hair, nails, vocal cords and muscles all grow during the first pregnancy trimester.

Pregnancy Trimester Two

This is the time when most expecting women have come to terms with being pregnant. Morning sickness is likely fading away and that pregnancy glow is just beginning. The second pregnancy trimester is an active time for baby. Those little details that transform the alien-like fetus into a baby are now taking place.  Hair continues to grow, eyes start to shift toward their final position and ears move too. Baby can now hiccup and yawn in utero. The senses are also starting to develop so soon baby will be able to taste, smell, hear and see.

Pregnancy Trimester Three

This is the fun time of pregnancy, at least for the first month or two. The expecting mom is feeling fantastic and the baby bump is out and about for everyone to enjoy, though mom may not enjoy all the attention. Baby showers and birth plans are being made during the third pregnancy trimester so this is a busy time for mom. Inside, baby is growing by leaps and bounds. The third pregnancy trimester is the time for fine tuning and weight gain. The lungs are already practicing and the uterus starts to prepare for childbirth with Braxton Hicks contractions. Changes in the baby are dramatic when compared to that first ultrasound picture when it was difficult to pick out the face, body, and legs.

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