The essentials:

Improve your fertility and get pregnant faster

Obie is your reproductive health coach, helping you reach your goal with expert personalized guidance.

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Be prepared:

Take time now:

  • Exercise
  • Get a mani-pedi. You want to look your best all over
  • Review your finances- save money
  • Get a hobby
  • Review your food habits
  • Discuss where you want to live
  • Deepen your relationship and talk about becoming parents
  • Reevaluate your job
  • See your dentist
  • Check your insurance
  • Discuss pregnancy with friends and your family
  • Travel now
  • Get your hair ready
  • Go through your wardrobe and stop buying clothes
  • Find out how to improve fertility
  • Learn about early pregnancy signs
  • Find a good hospital to have your baby

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