The major difficulty with breastfeeding is real-time knowing how much your baby has nursed. Blocked channels and several other medical and physiological reasons may cause malnutrition. Up until now, no reliable, accurate, real-time and with no interference to the baby's suckling cycle which prevents your baby from eating freely, making him and you nervous while substantially reducing the quantity he eats.

With FeedArt for the first time, your baby may suckle freely while you are able to keep track of the quantities he eats in real-time. This newly designed electronic, noninvasive, device. It presents accurate detailed info on your Smartphone which you can also share online with your related, the baby's Doctor and your breastfeeding advisor, regarding each breastfeeding cycle, it keeps historical data and comparable to past breastfeeding and common averages to the baby's age.

Your innovative FeedArt will show you real-time all the information needed concerning your baby's eating. Quantities, flow, the amount per breastfeeding comparable suckling history and more will be graphically presented on your Smartphone screen. FeedArt will memorize all the info and show you daily & monthly eating habits, so you can keep track of the baby's proper development.


KNOW THIS: Breastfeeding is mostly recommended by scientific research showing breastfeeding as healthiest for your baby to grow and develop. It improves his immune system and prevents diseases, infections and allergies. Breastfeeding doesn't always go smoothly and it is difficult to know how much your baby has really eaten. Today more and more women around the world are aware of this fact and are searching for ways to keep track of their baby's feeding habits and volume.

Worldwide statistics show that up to 35% of women that breastfeed say they have to know exactly how much their baby has eaten. Our newly design product measures your baby's consumption and precisely evaluate the milk flow.         



FeedArt combines a digital device bundled with a Smartphone App. You simply place the bio-compatible silicone ring on your breast areola, around the nipple without it interfering the nursing. The data collected by the digital device is then transmitted to your Smartphone which FeedArt will show you online all the information needed concerning your baby's nursing.