Celebrities are in the spotlight every waking moment, but they somehow seem to find enough alone time to get pregnant and hide that pregnancy for three to four months, in some cases. Behind many of the 40-year-old first-time Hollywood moms is a deep, dark secret that leaves many women angry, frustrated and resentful. Hollywood is full of women who’ve gotten pregnant with the help of a fertility expert, but they deny it with all they have. 

Celebrities who may have lied about fertility treatments

Probably the three most famous celebrity moms who claimed they naturally conceived either by chance or with the help of some alternative treatment are Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Kidman. 

Mariah Carey suffered a miscarriage and infertility, but she claimed she conceived her twins with the help of acupuncture. 

Jennifer Lopez made quick work of IVF claims – she said she was too traditional to accept help. If children were not meant to be she would never have conceived, according to one report. 

Nicole Kidman is probably the most far-fetched of all. She claimed it was healing waters in Australia that helped her conceive. 

Why does it matter if celebrities lie?

Celebrities have the right to as much privacy as they can manage, but when it comes to a public event like pregnancy after infertility, there is no room for lies. Women facing the same challenges are out there listening to the interviews, reading the magazine articles and foregoing fertility treatments because if Miss Celebrity can do it so can I, but time does not stand still and putting off fertility treatments, especially for women 40 and older could mean missing out on motherhood. 

There is a great chance that many celebrities you thought conceived naturally had a little or a lot of help from a fertility specialist. Seeking help with fertility is nothing to be ashamed of, but celebrities live on the edge of reality and if that reality requires a little fib about how they conceived — they consider that fib a necessary and well-earned evil. 

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