Take two Pepto Bismol chewable tablets whose active ingredient is bismuth subsalicylate (BSS) 4-times a day to prevent travelers' diarrhea.

Studies have shown tthat it can reduce the incidence of travelers diarrhea by approximately 50%.

BSS should be avoided by travelers with

  • aspirin allergy
  • renal insufficiency
  • gout 
  • those taking anticoagulants, probenecid, or methotrexate. 

BSS is not generally recommended for children aged <12 years. Caution should be taken in administering BSS to children with viral infections, such as varicella or influenza, because of the risk for Reye syndrome. BSS is not recommended for children aged <3 years. Studies have not established the safety of BSS use for periods >3 weeks. Because of the number of tablets that need to be carried and the 4 times per day dosing, BSS is not commonly used as prophylaxis for TD.

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