I have never met an adult who was not absolutely obsessed with avocados. They amaze me, and they are the only fruit I can pick up, peel and eat to feel full and satisfied afterwards. Few foods are so nutritious and delicious simultaneously. As I ate my most recent avocado moments ago, I wondered whether or not it would make suitable baby food. It seems like it would be perfect, since it’s easy to chew. However, I know that it has a high fat content, which might be difficult for a baby’s developing stomach to digest. I researched the topic and found that avocados make an excellent addition to a baby’s diet when he or she switches to solid foods.

When your baby moves on from milk or formula to actual foods, it’s important that you give him things that are highly nutritious and contain a lot of good calories. Empty calories should not be part of a baby’s diet, because nutrients are so valuable in these early years. Avocados are perfect in this way because they contain monounsaturated “good fat.” This is especially important for underweight infants that need to bulk up. They’re also an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E for immune system boosts.

They’re also very easy to prepare. They require some mashing, but barely any compared to most other fruits, since they are so soft and practically ready to eat right out of the skin. You could serve it to your baby in wedges, or you could even spread it on toast or make a small serving of guacamole when your baby is ready for seasonings.

Avocados are also a great way to let your baby help with preparation. Mashing the avocados is fun, so once your child is able to stand on a stool at the counter, try leaving small bowls of ingredients and safe utensils in front of him so that he can be part of the process. Your child will love playing with the smooth texture in his hands, so make sure you’ve got a small apron for your little chef and towels on hand for the inevitable cleanup time.

All in all, avocados are excellent for babies. As with any food or activity, make sure you practice moderation. The fat can still be difficult for a baby’s stomach to digest, so speak with your pediatrician about portion sizes.

Source: Leanne Cooper: What Do I Feed my Baby? A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting Solids. Cadence Health 2009

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